“TTUN” Back-Blast

It was good to be back home with the PAX of F3 Columbus after a week down south with the family. YHC jumped right into the Q after a week of taking the beatings from F3 winston-salem & F3 Morehead;  YHC was ready to lay one down! (Although I stole it from thedipper @F3morehead) but who is counting?

YHC woke up a few mins earlier this morning to beat the PAX to #TheTheater in order to lay out some cones for the workout. As the PAX arrived we mumbled and welcomed an FNG pushed out of bed by @3-16! We were about to start when @mariah came rolling in hot right at 0530. So the disclaimer was given and the mosey began far enough away @mariah had to play catch-up.

Around to the tennis courts we went to begin the COP.

Circle of Pain:

SSH ic x25

Sun Gods ic 15ct Held Backwards ic 15ct

Merkins ic x10

Hill-Billy ic x15

Abe Vigoda ic x15

Cotton Pickers ic x15

The Thang:

Mosey past the Shovel Flag as we made our way to the base line of the cones on the Soccer field.

80 Yard Cone: Sprint to cone (hold for 6) Backpedal to baseline X5

Dry Docks ic x10

WWI ic x15

60 Yard Cone: Sprint to cone (hold for 6) Backpedal to baseline X4

Plank Jacks ic x10

American Hammers ic x20 (Mariah on call)

40 Yard Cone: Sprint to cone (hold for 6) Backpedal to baseline X3

Double Wide Merkins ic x10

LBCs ic x20 (Packo on call)

20 Yard Cone: Sprint to cone (hold for 6) Backpedal to baseline X2

(forgot to grab the cone so we headed back for a third to pick them up)

20 Count!

Mosey down hill to Lake Side Dock. (on Bench’s)

Dips ic x20

Erkins ic x20

Dips ic x15

Derkins ic x15 (Because Picaso was feeling strong! on the call)

Dips ic x10

Erkins ic x10
Lined up in file for an Indian run back to the flag. Moving as a unit we made our way back to the flag with time to spare.
@spotlight called the Protractor until time expired!

We then circled up for Name-O-Rama. Welcoming “SLASH” into the PAX a day prior headlock.

Ball-O-Man went out as we lifted up I.D.s dad who is undergoing heart surgery today; as well as spotlights daughter birthday. Shared what the PAXs down south had taught YHC and we announced the launch of “TBD” monday workout in UA. 6.26 led by @grovetucky & @3-16.

Lunch today UA Whole Foods!


It was an honor and a privilege to Q this morning. I have grown leaps and bounds over the last 3 months that we have been pushing each other! I owe it to you men my brothers TY! -Bo Schemechler

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Picasso, Slash (FNG), ID, Tony Packo, Buzz Lightyear, Spotlight, Diamond, Mariah, Punchlist (RESPECT), Grovetucky, Creepers, 3-16

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