Columbus 6.17 Back Blast

As the heat of the sun rose above the tree line; the PAX gathered around a shovel & a flag. YHC was in high spirits as the country music loosened the PAX. The mumblechatter was thick and the excitement of what was ahead was obvious. As the clock ticked over to 0700 the music was adjusted to increase the intensity and the disclaimer was given! With that the coQ Saturday began.

Fat Man Camp:

Light Mosey: Around the tennis courts into the upper field. QIC kept the men in what was left of the shade out of kindness for the PAX.

Circle of Pain.

Burpees 5-OYO

Dry Docks ic 15

Fat Man Twist (o-lineman’s favorite stretch)

Global Warming ic 10 each way (al gore moving in a circle)

Walking Dogs ic 15 (Downward dog, walking forward then backward)

Abe Vigoda ic 15

SunGods ic 15 forward; ic 15 Backward

Cherry pickers ic 15

Seagulls ic 15

Peter-parkers ic 15

Parker-peters ic 15

SSH ic 25


Light mosey around the tennis courts back to the cones:

(in partner fashion; partner A performing one movement ic led by pax; partner B performing other movement until pax completes the 20 ct of movement)


Ape Walk : Frog Squats ic 20

Bear Crawl : Boss Tweeds ic 20

Crawl Bear : Lunges ic 20

Side Bear : Merkins ic 20

Side Bear : LBCs ic 20

Inchworm : Plank ic 20

Before we split off for 2nd round Q we ran sprints to the shade and back.


ROUND 2 – Wimbledon (QIC – Mariah) 30min to go.

Mosey to tennis courts to find 2 already in use by early rising racket swingers. QIC modifies 6 court task to 4.

Start off with some agility. Welcome back to high school football practice.

4 corner drill 2x w/both feet, right, left (clockwise/counter)

High Knees: 1 court 2x

Butt Kicks: 1 court 2x

Sprint each court 5x w/ 10 hand release merkins after each court. 4 courts total. Leaders keep moving with mosey around courts until all are finished.

QIC: “How long do you think that took?” The PAX: “7min, 5:30, 6min???” QIC: “You all did well… only 3min 46sec for everyone to finish.” Keep this in mind. On to next task…

Luckily we still have 4 courts clear.

Lunges across court followed by…
Hand release merkins 5x
Toes to sky 5x
Burpees 5x
(Repeat for all 4 courts)

Mosey around courts while everyone finishes. PAX EH’d tennis coach for next Saturday.

Now only 3 courts clear. Racket swingers like watching misery.

QIC instructs to repeat the sprints 5x on each court with 5 hand release merkins between each one and PAX must beat their 4 court time or do 10 burpees at the flag. PAX finishes in 2min 19sec. PAX points out that we did 10 merkins last time between courts. QIC orders a makeup court of 5 sprints with 10 hand release merkins. Mosey to flag for COT.


COLUMBUS WORKOUT 6.17 0700-0800

QIC : Bo Schembechler & Mariah

PAX: Hello Kitty, Pyrenees (respect), FNG (Diapers), Picasso, Teach, Kournicova, Grovetucky, Bumper (respect), Van-Damme (respect), Punchlist (respect), Kibbles, Floppy, Savannah (respect), 3-16, Slash.

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