Cliffhanger – 6.21 Back Blast | The Theater

Cliffhanger – 6.21 Back Blast 0530-0615
QIC: Mariah
PAX: 12 Early Risers
AO: Antrim Park (aka: The Theater)

0530 – Mosey large loop down the road back up around tennis courts and back through the woods to the south end of the park to form up near the playground for COP.


Imperial Walkers
Cotton Pickers
American Hammers
Flutter Kicks

The Thang:

15min EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)
10 squats (after 7rounds switched to 10 merkins) + 5 burpees. 2 people rotate out every 2 minutes while 1 does sandbag get-ups with their choice of 50lb/20lb sandbag and the other does pull-ups or hangs through the minute. Switch after 1min of each.

2x – 10sec count

Run to rock at park entrance and back for the Cliffhanger…

3min w/ half PAX doing dips and half dead hangs. Switch every 30sec.

To the hill where QIC has left about dozen odd shaped rocks. Half the PAX pinch grips a rock in each hand for a farmer carry run down the hill around and up while the rest of the PAX does plank walk-ups on picnic table benches. Rotate out for 2 rounds of each as you get tapped. After 2 rounds hide rocks and mosey to the flag for COT.

Everybody hung. No quitters. Everyone gave it their all. Nobody fell off the cliff.

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