Back Blast 6/24 @The Amphitheater #cheachstrong

Back Blast: 6/24/17 07:00-08:00

QIC: Teach

Pax: 21 strong

The Amphitheater- Antrim Park

We had a beautiful morning to pay respect to Brother Cheech and his family. The Pax came in force with no sleeves.

We started out on a short mosey to get the blood flowing.  Teach settles to the field for a circle up to get us ready for some Beep fun.

1. SSH 50 count
2. Sun Gods 25 count
3. Leg Hugs 20 count
4. Can Openers 30 count
5. Planks count 1 min
6. Side Plank 1 min x 2
7. 3 rounds, 15 each
1. Merkins
2. Sit ups
3. Air Squats

Next up was a mosey to the soccer fields to try out a new one on the Pax.  Beep test!

20m interval running keeping pace with the levels.  Diamond dominated to level 8. FYI level 12 is the standard. Meanwhile the Pax who bailed early spent time jogging and doing 5 burpees.

That seemed like enough fun for the whole morning.

More to come on the tennis courts.

50 supermans

50 Hollow rocks

BTTW 1 min hold

broad jumps

Finally, ending with the Death March and AYG to the shovelflag.

Big finish with the hand off of the shovel flag to our new Columbus outpost-Camp Willis in Upper Arlington. Monday 7/26 05:30.

Namarama and BOM to remember Cheech and his family.  Our hearts are heavy for everyone impacted by the tragedy that took one of us too early.

Great work Pax!



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