Back to Basics @BOB 6.28

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Spotlight, Diamond, Pyrenees (respect), Savanah (respect), Mariah, Tony Packo, 3-16, Grovetucky, Slash
YHC woke up at 4:30 to the sound of little feet and eyes looking him square in the face, shortly followed by another pair of little feet and multiple requests for blankee’s, water, hugs, and kisses. Knowing the responsibility that lied before him he moved swiftly to provide for these little humans and slip out as they fell back into their slumber.

Driving to the A.O. YHC, devised a plan of simple exercises that would push the PAX and remind us of the foundation required to build on.

As the PAX arrived to a frigged 50 degree morning, YHC was shivering as the clock slowly approched 0530. Once the clock turned the disclaimer was given and the mosey call was made.

Made quick of the mosey as YHC was not warming up quickly enough and circled on the BB court for COP.

The call

SSH ic X30

Imperial walkers ic X25

Hillbillies ic X20

Sun Gods ic X15

Large circles and shake them outs.

The Thang:

Resorting to a solid Tabata workout 20 seconds on :10 second recover X 5 Rounds broken down as followed for the time.

Mvmt 1: Marching Plank, While in plank lifting one leg at a time for duration of time

Mvmt 2: Merkins

Mvmt 3: Dry Docks

Mvmt 4: Walking Dogs, While in the downward dog position move forward 4 steps and backward 4 steps, repeat for duration of time.

Mvmt 5: Squats

At completion of 5 Mvmts, run 4 tennis courts and return till next round began.

on RND 5: YHC had Mariah do Mary movements.

Mvmt 1: EOMs (took two bells)

Mvmt 2: LBCs

Mvmt 3: WW1s

Mvmt 4: Flutter Kicks

At completion of 4 Mvmts, run 4 tennis courts and return till next round began.

Back to the prior movements 1-5 for 2 rounds during which Slash joined us! AYE late but present.

RND 8: YHC called for make-up burpees: PAX completed 5 20 second intervals of burpees.

RND 9: Running against the clock YHC called 5 mary movements.

Mvmt 1: WW1s

Mvmt 2: Flutter Kicks

Mvmt 3: LBCs

Mvmt 4: American Hammers

Mvmt 5: Leg raises to 90 down to 5 and repeat.

Last mosey 4 court and to flag for an exact 0615 Hard stop!
YHC, inquired of the 10 PAX their marital status. ALL men present were wed. 2 to 23 years. Humbled by this YHC shared the weight of divorce rates and the weight of preaching on the topic this coming Sunday.
“Just because marriage gets hard, doesn’t mean you’re failing. Much like our workouts, just because it gets hard doesn’t mean you’re failing. Take courage keep pressing, love your wives, serve them and cherish them in the good and the bad.”

I’m thankful for the examples on the field this morning and am humbled to have lead such honorable men for 45 mins. Forgetting the chill and embracing the pain.

Ended lifting up Packo for his GoRuck HTL this weekend as He digs deep, takes steps and discovers the strength deep down inside of him. AYE!


Bo Schembechler

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