The Bear 7.3 Back Blast: “Washington’s Charge”

_revolutionary war battle

QIC: 3-16

PAX: Slash, Savannah, Mariah, Corleone (RESPECT-RESPECT), Capone (Lake Norman, NC), Bo Schembechler

AO: Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington (aka: Camp Willis)

Where: Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington

When: 0530-0615, 7.3.17

On the eve of July 4th 7 PAX met at Camp Willis to better themselves, to honor the sacrifices of our forefathers and to celebrate the American spirit of Freedom and Independence.

After introductions and some mumble chatter, the PAX moseyed to the football field behind the middle school.  The PAX took a step back in time to remember the history of the birth of our great nation.  Some of what transpired thereafter remains unclear, as a cloud of smoke from all the musket fire between the American Patriots and the British grew thick and engulfed the field as the workout progressed.

Warm-up: merkins, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, side-straddle hop, squats etc.

The men then lined up on the sideline of the field and YHC announced “The next exercise is called Sprint Across the Field!” and instructed to men to sprint all the way across the field and mosey back 13 times (in remembrance of the 13 original colonies).

Sprints compete, the men moseyed half-way around the track to the other side of the field.  The PAX split into two groups representing the Northern and Southern colonies and performed standard merkins, diamond merkins and wide merkins.  Having become united via merkins, the Northern and Southern colonies joined forces and proceeded to bear crawl approx. 60 yards (light pole to light pole, after all the workout is The Bear).  Bear crawls complete, the men performed lunges approx. 60 yards back to the starting light pole.

The men did some air squats then moseyed back around the track to the concrete bleachers.

Two sets of box jumps up the bleachers followed by dips at the bottom of the bleachers.

Next the PAX performed sun gods while YHC gave a brief history lesson on Lexington and Concord (not brief enough for some of the PAX who complained their arms were going to break off! Lol).

The men finished the workout with some flutter kicks and finally protractor as the men counted off from 10-zero. Corleone counted down from 13 to zero and YHC followed suit.

Workout complete the men moseyed to the flag for Name-O-Rama and Ball-O-Man.

Thank you for letting me Q gentlemen. We are getting better together and I never regret getting out of bed early once I see the American flag and my fellow PAX.

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