The Theater – Backblast 7-8-17

The PAX:

3-16, Slash, Kournikova , Creepers, Van-Damme (Respect), Gimpy, Flier, Teach, Grovetucky, Kibbles, Gemini (Houston), Savannah (Respect), Bumper (Respect), Diamond, Bo Schembechler,  Pony (FNG), Hops (FNG)

Started with a short mosey for a quick warm up. Circled up and performed the following:

SSH 25 count
Little Baby Arm Circles 30 count
Little Baby Arm Circles (reverse) 30 count
Imperial Walkers 20 count
Flutter Kicks 30 count
LBC’s 30 count
Plank 30 count
Side Plank 30 count X2

After a very quick “recover”, the PAX did a mosey to the soccer field for an individual routine consisting of:

SSH’s 50 count
Merkins 50 count
Burpees 50 count
LBC’s 50 count
Jump Squats 50 count

followed by a 50 yard back pedal after each exercise with a “Bobby Hurley” for good measure.

The PAX then engaged in Zombie Walkers, Bear Crawls, and Crab walks over a 50 yard distance X 3.

A quick mosey back to the flag where the PAX paired up for a routine consisting of the following:

Squats 300 count
Big Boy Sit Ups 150 count
Little Baby Arm Circles 300 count
Merkins 150 count

Finished with 5 Burpees for those on vacation!

Completed workout with Namo-rama and BOM.

Honored to have my VQ with this PAX!



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