Back Blast B.O.B. 7.12


QIC: Spotlight

PAX: Slash, T-Packo, 3-16, Diamond, Grovetucky, Grease Monkey, Ridgequest, Bo Schembechler, Savannah

The Pax woke up to a humid Columbus morning but it didn’t stop them from jumping out of the fart sack and posting strong for a 0530 start time.

F3Columbus was happy to welcome two traveling members to the AO. Grease Monkey from Roswell, GA and Ridgequest from TSUN.  He’s a Spartan fan so he was welcomed with open arms.

The week before his “Q” Spotlight was on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Immersed in family activities he realized he wanted to bring a P.R.E.S.E.N.T. back to his F3 brothers.  With that thought the basis for the workout was born.

The disclaimer was given at 0530 and the Pax started a mosey around the tennis courts up to the parking lot for COP. There was a lot to get done so the warmup was quick.

SSH x15
Burpees x10
Hillbillies x10 each leg
Mosey from the parking lot to the tennis courts, where everyone found their place on the fence.

The Thing:
Pure Burn–        ¾ squat down to 90* x10
3sets                     90* down to ankles X10
SSH x10
-Plank for the 6-

Rev. Crunch–    15 reps IC
3 sets                    Hold Legs at 10* for a 15 count

Elevens–             Carolina Dry Docks/Air Press
3 sets                    Run to the end of the 2nd tennis court and back
-Plank for the 6-

She hate me– Drop lunges x 10 each leg
3 sets                 Burps x 10
Merkins x 10
-Plank for the 6-

E2K–      Right foot on left knee crunch x 15
3 sets      Left foot on right knee crunch x 15
Flutter kicks x 15 of the slowest T Packo cadence ever

Nipple scrapers—(Variation)
2 sets                Merkin position, down, left, right, middle, up x 8

Triple Nickel– Bobby Hurleys x 5
5 sets                 Back pedal to 2nd tennis court
Imperial Walkers x 5 each leg
Sprint back to launch point.  Rinse and repeat

PAX finished with a quick set of planks followed by a mosey through the tennis courts, around the soccer fields and back to the flag. Planked while we waited for the 6.

Name-o-rama followed by a reflection from QIC about how important it is to disconnect from technology and be in the PRESENT with family and friends.  So much goes on in our world on a daily basis and most of it passes by unnoticed because we are preoccupied with our emails or voicemails or social media.  QIC had a chance to spend a week with his family on a beach without the burden of a phone and it really opened his eyes to what his kids are capable of.  The love they have in their hearts for each other and the inquisitiveness they display that a lot of times is viewed as an interruption is actually a wonderful gift and needs to be acknowledged more often by this humble servant. “Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.”
BOM and the PAX was led out by Bo’s words of wisdom and prayer.

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