Back-Blast BLOCK HOUSE 7.15.17


Good day men….
We’re blessed. We really truly get to do this, together, and on a beautiful morning at a beautiful place. And we’re free. Really free. “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Gal 5:1
Some blocks today, some functional movement with resistance to strengthen and stabilize. AYE! (“the word” has been used, so this is officially an F3 communication). 🙂
High leg stretch and Sampson stretch from normal meeting place at theater to the bend in the road/top of the hill.
Blocks are 28#.
-Farmer’s Carry 101 steps out and back. Hail 101st Airborne.

-Air squats, Shoulder movement, HRMerkins, Grasshoppers–all done slow & steady to activate joints and promote full movement.

-Extended/locked R and L shoulder. 82 steps out and back. Hail 82nd Airborne.

-Sit in Front Squat. Front squats with block held in front rack

-Deadlift, clean, press and push press, clean and jerk 28#

-Clean and jerk for awhile. Put the hay in the barn! If you live in the city and you have kids, find them a summer job before they leave high school of bailing hay/straw. A friend of mine did this with his kids and finds the appreciation/character that grew in his kids as a gift. He shares this with everyone, and I you. It’s a requirement and the farmers need good help. The farmer’s child can come and serve with you in the city. It’s beautiful.

-Walk blocks down the hill, and walk them up overhead. Walk them down, and lunge them up.


-10 Merkins on block, 10 pull thru’s to cones. Core and stability. Approx. 50 yards.

-We appreciate you Bo. Thank you for leading, and leading like you do.

-8 Thrusters and 8 Grasshoppers x 4. core.

-10 front squats w block in front rack, 10 pull thru’s. Approx. 50 yards back to top of hill. core.

Farmer’s Carry blocks back to meeting place.
That went way way too fast! Great job, gentlemen. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer” Rom. 12:2

Ended with COT and Announcement about Sept 16th Convergence!



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