BoB Rosetta Stone Back-Blast 7.19.17

Today in history marks the discovery of the Rosetta Stone a day that opened the key to interpreting different languages. Like that key, this morning’s workout involved lifting a stone like object and team work to open communication and accomplish more together. Similar to the 3 Languages on the Stone we formed 3 teams to accomplish the task followed by impromptu Q support from the PAX.

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Savannah (Respect), Tony Packo, Spotlight, Mariah, Grovetucky, 3-16, Slash, Diamond; Honorable Mention: Pyrenees (Respect) arrived ailing and used wisdom to turn back.

YHC arived 20 minutes prior to the workout with 3 2x4s to build the Stones. This was accomplished prior to the PAX arrival; 7 28lb Cinderblocks 196lbs were lined up and the 2×4 was placed through the top opening. This amounted to just over 200lb stones!

0527-Mariah recognized the stones and began to question why the blocks were left out; When Grovetucky recognized the ensuing pain he turned in joking fashion to head for the car.

0530 – YHC gave the disclaimer and called for a long mosey down the hill. During the mosey Packo mentioned it had been some time since we had ventured down the hill. Temptation to turn back get the stones and carry them around the lake began to ensue, but YHC forwent the thought to stick to the plan.

circled up at the bottom around the median circle.

SSH X ic 22(ish)

Sun Gods X ic 10 Hold

Windmills X ic 15 Hold

Sun God (reverse) X ic 10 Hold

Coperhead Squats X ic 20

OYO Strech to loosen the joints

Mosey back up to the stage where the Stones were assembled!

The Stone Thang:

Count of in 1 to 3 to form 3 units.

2 men were to carry the Stone across the field 100yards+ and return while the 3rd man completed the following

40 Squats

30 WWIs

20 Merkins

Plank till return

Then one man was to swap out while the remaining 2 completed the trek again.

This was completed when each man had completed the above cycle as well as 2 Stone Treks

Once completed YHC was shocked at the speed of the PAX and had to improv the remainder of the workout. “Grab a block” was the call and move!

We moved to the “up-down loop” we would call excercises as we progressed.

First was down and lunge up the loop,

Block Swings x 25 OYO

Second down and lunge up the loop,

Block presses x25 OYO

Third down and lunge up the loop,

Block Squats x 25 OYO

Fourth down and lunge up the loop,

Block Curls x 15 OYO

Fifth down and lunge up the loop,

Wall Angels x 25 OYO

Grab a block and mosey back to flag for 10 Burpees and Block Storage.

COT and BAlloMan

Each block was representative of a burden we carry as men, fathers, husbands, and bread winners. As those blocks build up 28lbs at a time it can become to much for one man to carry alone. But TWO men can bear the burden! So, take your burden to the Cross first And if necessary bear it for one another. The yoke of Christ is easy and His burden is light! AYE

Thank you men for the hard work in the gloom.

Bo Schembechler

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