Band of Brothers 7.26 “MOVE IT”

The 0530 Wednesday Workout at the Theater (aka Antrim Park) will experience the solid leadership of Pyreness this week. This HIM (high impact man) put the PAX through a brutal workout a couple Saturdays back and we are all thankful for what Pyrenees brings to the table.


QIC: Pyrenees

PAX: any and every Sad Clown or man of PAX that wants to GIA (give it away)

Weather: Can’t be any worse than Saturday BAHAHAHAHAHA!

When: 0530-0615

Where: The Theater (Antrim Park 5800 Olentangy River Rd.)

Start your day off right with a midweek workout before your co-workers are even out of their fart sacks. It is only as hard as you make it! #ironsharpensiron #giveitaway


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