STRIPES BOOTCAMP 7.29.17 – Back Blast

When: 07.29.2017 0700-0800

coQIC: Bo Schembechler & Mariah

PAX: Slapshot, FNG (Sgt. Hulka), FNG (Francis), FNG (Healer), Abacus, 3-16, Gimpy, Van-Damme (RESPECT), Bullfrog, Piro, Grovetuckey, Kournicova
After an exciting week of some national recognition on the ART OF MANLINESS podcast we had 3 FNGs show up before a majority of the PAX. Like most of us our first time out, they had no idea what to expect or what laid awaiting for them! So in a rising fashion we began the F3 Disclosures @ 0659 and our Mosey commenced… YHC chose to set some tunes for our morning to the STRIPES soundtrack from 1981.

After a mosey through some cool moist grass we circled up in the grove off the beaten path. YHC & Mariah circled the PAX and fed off of one another as we began the COP. Wanting the FNGs to get a taste for what F3 is about YHC wasted no time calling our first exercise:

COP (Circle of Pain)

Burpees- ic sc 5 However, none of the PAX shared in the morning enthusiasm and remained silent for the count. So, YHC Called them out to another set of 5 in singular count cadence! The PAX grabbed a hold of those Burps.

SSH- ic x 24

Merkins – ic x 20

Squats – ic x 21

Imperial Walkers – ic x 18

American Hammers – ic x 20

Flutter Kicks – ic x 16

The Thang:

Mosey from the Grove down through the back door into the wooded path (just because) circling around to the lake side for our next adventure!

YHC, Lining the PAX up in single file line instructed a reverse Indian Run that will now be called the Doh-AH-Ditty Run!

Starting with a light mosey in file the front man drops off to the right side and begins 6 Merkins holding plank until the SIX of the PAX has passed him. Falling in line he yells “SIX”. The leader now has the six of the PAX. The most important position to protect during our workouts together. At the Call of “SIX” The front man drops off and completes 6 merkins holding plank until the SIX of the PAX has passed him. Falling in line he yells “SIX”. Taking the new position of importance! This repeats as we made our way steady and rhythmically around the 1 mile lake shore. 3/4th the way in we had lost 2 of the SIX and so we called a hault, held plank, did 10 Merkins as a PAX and continued our prior Doh-AH-Ditty Run!

This may have become a staple of F3 Columbus!

YHC, recognized the clock was ticking and handed the 2nd half the Q over to Mariah for his more robust upstaging beatdown! #ironsharpeningiron


From the Dock we did Derkins and Dips x20/each
RUN THE TUNNEL (Be a spectacle for the building audience of walkers and joggers)
In the grass circle it was 50 SSHs and 50 Flutter Kicks
RUN THE TUNNEL (Why is that girl shooting video of us with her cell phone? Probably planning to recruit her husband.)

Immediately on no rest mosey to base of hill

10 Dry Docks
Backwards run up hill
10 Squats
Crab Walk down hill (modify with backwards bear crawl)

Mosey to middle of soccer fields

As we wrapped up the PAX we circled up for some Mary/Burp combo. First with Burpees x 11 (chop your feet), followed by WWIs. The clock read 7 mins so we did 7 burpies followed by LBCs Upon completion the clock read 5 mins so we did 5 burpies followed by Protractors 5 count all the way around the PAX. The clock read 3 mins so we did 3 Burpies followed by a mosey to the Shovel Flag.

Nam-o-Rama commenced followed by meeting the 3 Podcast FNGs.

Ball-o-Man consisted of praying for Teach’s back, our brothers, and the PAX’s weekend being husbands, fathers, and for the young guys just being!

Coffeteria followed 0815
As always it is a humbling honor to lead the PAX as we develop and grow into leaders! Next week Kournicova at the helm… Watchout!                  –  Bo Schembechler


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