Camp Willis Back Blast 7-31-17: The Grind on the Gridiron

Camp Willis: 7/31/17 – 0530-0615

The Pax: Spotlight, Teach, Creepers, Mogul, 3-16, Bo Schembechler, Mariah

QIC: Grovetucky

Football training camps have opened everywhere. Players are leaving their blood and sweat all over the field. This is the time of year when a group of players forge bonds to become a true TEAM! So F3 Columbus did a little gridiron work of our own as we bond together to become HIM’s

PAX met around shovel flag early for some mumblechatter. At 0530, the normal disclaimer was given and then a mosey to an area next to the concrete stands for warm-up


  1. SSH x 20 IC
  2. Imperial walkers x 15 IC
  3. Cotton pickers x 15 IC
  4. Merkins x 20 IC
  5. Sun Gods x 20 IC (10 front and 10 back)

Before our gridiron glory, we spent a little time as fans in the stands for the following routine:

  1. Box jumps to top of stands (16 jumps total)
  2. mosey down to bottom of steps
  3. Dry docks x 15 OYO
  4. Dips x 15 OYO
  5. Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 sets

We then raced to the east goaline to the roar (or sound) of the water spriklers. The Q had set out pylons every 10 yards, the PAX began at the goalline and ran to the 10-yard line and did 1 hand-release merkin, then ran to the 20-yard line and did 2 hand-release merkins, and continued running 10-yard increments and increasing the number of hand-release merkins by 1 until reaching the west goalline for 11 HR-merkins. Then back up the field toward the east goalline running 10 yard increments with burpees in decending number at every pylon (11,10,9,8,…). After reaching the burpee goalline the PAX was gassed.

The PAX then got on their six for the following:

  1. American hammers x 20 IC
  2. Flutter kicks x 50 OYO

Then mosey back to west goalline for 10 yards of lunges, then 10 yards of bear crawls, then 10 yards of crab walk. This was repeated 3 times to bring us to the 10-yard line. Then Army crawl the 10-yards into the goalline for a touchdown!!

Next was a fast mosey around the track and then 25 World War one’s OYO. Then a mosey to the shovel flag for 2 rounds of Howling Monkeys to finish off the legs. Finally, a set of X’s and O’s (what’s football without X’s and O’s) to finish the workout.

Then BOM and COT. Bo lead us in prayer and off to our busy work week. Was great to have Creepers back after a hiatus due to work schedule and Teach back and healthy from injury. Thanks for the privilege of leading the work-out today men!!







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