“The Munday Bear” 8.14.17 Back-Blast

Camp Willis was extra gloomy this morning as YHC arrived to see a couple of dark figures in the shadows of the courtyard. Running on a night of restless children and some lingering shin pain YHC, Taped up and walked out to join the Monday faithful.

Growing by two this morning we held a PAX of 11.

PAX: FNG (Wisdom), Creepers,  FNG (Pitt), Grovetucky, Diamond, Teach, Mariah, Mogul, Fransis, 3-16.

QIC: Bo Schembechler

At 0529 without wasting any time YHC gave a clear disclaimer and began the mosey going left instead of right YHC took a long way to the FOP (field of pain)! YHC took a nice spill on some uneven sidewalk doing a roll and picking up his feet he returned to a mosey pace.


The PAX loosening the weekend stiffness out of our joints circled up for the first exercise.

SSH, I.C. Begin… The count kept going, YHC was already in the zone… 23… and continued… 33… YHC now thinking of the Respected members of the PAX not present ages 52/53 continued the count… 48, 49, 50, Mariah felt like 50 was a good stopping point yet when the cadence didn’t cease he resumed… 51, 52, and 53!

PLANK into Catalina Mixers: YHC, winded asked Mariah to do the count! Steady as a drum 24 Catalina mixers ic were completed.

This was enough for the PAX and the Mosey around the field began to the far turn in the track.

The ThanG:

50 Merkins OYO

800m Run

50 Squats OYO

800m Run

First to complete find the SIX until the PAX is one again.

Goal-Line Bear Crawl:

YHC, Requested the PAX to line the goal line for a 100 yard Bear Crawl:

Since the condition of the Field was sloppy, mud, and grass. YHC, had the PAX move to the track upon completion of the Bear Crawl.

100 Yard Back Pedal

mosey the turn:

100 Yard Back Pedal

YHC, noticing the 2 man sled and having flashbacks to Two-a-Days in HS had the men line up and made the call to push the sled through the whistle!

The PAX drove the sled one way, then another, then back to the starting position!

Mosey around the 3rd turn to the 4th turn of track. Line up for a 75 yard lunge fest.

Upon completion of the Lunge Fest, YHC noticed there was time for a solid sprint to the fence and required 20 LBCs and 10 merkins in order to Mosey off the track back to the Shovel Flag.

Where we welcomed Wisdom (a dentist) and Pitt (a WV Mountaineer) into the gloom and went out on a note of our weakness to strength on a gloomy Monday Morning. Balling up for Ball of Man; Holding our week ahead to the will of the HIM who is in complete control of it’s outcome!

Thank you all for the rewarding and painful experience of Leading the PAX this morning! KEEP HEADLOCKING them FNGs.

Keep pushing like Creeper, 3-16, Mariah all shared; “I wouldn’t be there without the accountability of the PAX”

Join Us Wednesday as Diamond returns to the Q for an 0530 Beatdown at THE THEATER!



Bo Schembechler



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