The Bear Back Blast 8-21-17: Failure!!

Where and When: Camp Willis, 0530-0615

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Bo Schembechler, Mariah, Mogul, Wisdom, 3-16, Teach, Francis, Pitt, FNG (Jumper), FNG (Influence), FNG (Dawg Pound), FNG (Merlot)

Many of the PAX arrived before 0530 and the mumblechatter centered around Saturdays “Brick vs Man” grind. Most mentioned they were happy there were no cinder blocks in sight on this humid morning. Teach strolled in with his coffee at 0529 and then the disclaimer was given. The the PAX mosied to the track for COP


SSH IC x 25

Sun Gods IC x 10 frontwards and IC x 10 backwards

Cotton Pickers IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

8-count burpees OYO x 10

Then a mosey to the starting line of track.  The theme of the workout was to do as many reps as possible until muscle failure followed by a 400m run. The exercises performed were:

Merkins (to failure), 400 m run, World War 1’s until the entire PAX arrived

Bicep curls using the bands (to failure), 400 m run, LBC’s until the entire PAX arrived

Shoulder press using the bands (to failure), 400 m run, American hammers until PAX arrived

Dips (to failure), 400 m run, Freddie Mercury’s until PAX arrived

Decline Dry Docks (to failure), 400 m run, flutter kicks until PAX arrived

Next a mosey to the tennis courts, the PAX divided into 2 groups for 2 cycles of Crawl Bear inch work. Then merkins until… FAILURE of course!!

Finally, mosey to the shovel flag for NameORama, welcoming 4 FNG’s and BOM

Great workout men! Everyone was pushed to fail, but got right back at it to fail again! There is no need to fear failure when you have the drive to get back up for more!




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