“The Lord of the Ring” Back Blast 8.26.17


Weather: Crisp 50s as the PAX assembled at the flag for mumble chatter.

QIC: YHC, Francis

PAX: Grovetucky, Capsize, Bo Schembechler, 3:16, Bumper(Respect), Gimpy, Tony Packo, Jumper, Slapshot, Van Damme(Respect), Kibbles, Teach.

At 0700 disclaimer was given and a mosey to COP for stretches as the PAX questioned why YHC had brought two bricks to the theater this brisk morning.

Sun Gods ic x 20 forward

Sun Gods ic x 20 backward

Cotton Pickers ic x 20

PAX then stopped in middle and walked on to right leg, back to middle and left for 60 seconds of stretches each.

SSH ic x27

PAX engaged in mumble chatter as they felt relaxed by the easy pace of the mornings stretches before YHC called for a mosey down to the lake, bringing with him 2 bricks ending mumblechatter as a quick mosey began.

YHC then instructed the PAX in a new Indian Run learned from the PAX of Cleveland at a Rocky River Bricker workout, which will now be known as a Usain Brick! PAX broke into two groups in a straight line for an Indian Run. First man in line passes the brick back, and as it reaches the man in the 6, he sprints to the front. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. The PAX ran in opposite directions around the lake.

Halfway around the lake, the two teams of PAX, sticking close together in Fellowship to pass their bricks without failure halted for brief exercises.

Imperial Walkers ic x25

LBCs x25 at own pace.

PAX then lined up to complete the loop back to the dock, remarking on YHC running the line in 3 steps due to freakishly long legs.

PAX then circled up a little out of breath for more exercises.

Squats ic x25

Two Rounds of Merkins and Derkins

Merkins x10

Derkins x15

YHC called for a 10 count, as Bo Schembechler gave 10 in 3 to keep the PAX moving at pace.

PAX then lined up for a Do-a-Diddy run, in remembrance of the first workout YHC attended with YHC at the front for the first 6 Merkins. At this point we had encountered many marathon trainers and OSU Athletes who had begun watching the example the PAX set on their journey of determination around the lake. Halfway around the lake members of the PAX noticed a broken block from last Saturdays workout and endeavored to carry it out, shortly after YHC called a halt for exercises.

Hillbillies ic x20

LBCs x25

PAX then continued the Do-a-Diddy as YHC became too inside his own head, Gimpy reminded YHC we never leave a brother behind as members of the PAX had fallen behind. Humbled by this lesson in leadership and of the reminder, YHC instructed the PAX to halt and Plank as we waited from our brothers to join the PAX. PAX then performed 6 Merkins to reestablish.

As the PAX continued Van Damme began passing pieces of Cinderblock back the line increasing the effort of all the PAX for the final leg of the loop.

SIX, SIX, SIX, SIX! Began the call as all members of the PAX began motivating their brothers for a harder workout during the final moments of Do-a-Ditty to the encouragement of OSU Athletes beginning their own morning beatdown.

PAX then met at the dock to finish the Do-a-Ditty.

Merkins ic x6

YHC, stuck in his own head, forgot how to count leading the PAX to a seventh Merkin.

The PAX then moseyed to the soccer field and lined up

Frankensteins to the center of the soccer field.


Floyd Mayweathers ic x15

YHC in his concentration on counting then led the PAX in 16 as he lost count, again.

Squats ic x20

WWIs ic x20

Freddy Mercuries x25

SSH ic x20 as YHC made sure to enthusiastically count correctly to 20.

PAX then returned to their 6 for Protractors, where all of the PAX was enamored with 10 degrees, delivering pain to YHC as he had delivered earlier in the morning.

PAX then moseyed back to the Flag and Planked until 0800.

PAX circled up for NameORama and for Ball O’ Man.

Bo Schembechler then led the PAX out with prayers for Bumper’s brother as he continues his fight with cancer, and Pyrenees Mother-in-Law who has entered hospice care. Prayers also went out to Triple Threat in Houston for Ava who is 7 years old and battling stage four cancer.

Members of the PAX then engaged in CSAUP of a Reese’s Doughnut eating race to end YHC’s VQ at Coffeeteria , live-streaming Tony Packo’s victory to the F3 Nation!

YHC was honored to lead this group of men for his VQ. In the past month since being named by the PAX, YHC is continually humbled by the difficulty of beatdowns, the compassion of the PAX, and driven to attend as he knows other members of the PAX will be there. Iron Sharpens Iron, and the men of this PAX have helped YHC to grow and continue to change for the journeys of life ahead. Alone, a man can stop and feel despair when life pushes back hard. Together, in fellowship, men push through and remind each other that another challenge is another opportunity to grow and become stronger for ourselves, our families and our community.


Francis (Don’t Call me Francis)

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