Back-Blast: Chase the Ruck Rabbit 08.28.17

Where: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)
WHO: Creepers, Schembechler, Mogul, Mariah, Jumper, Merlot, Wisdom, Grovetucky
QIC: Mariah

0530: Brief disclaimer given, no FNGs, no time wasted. “Are you going to wear that today?” someone asks in reference to the ruck on YHC’s back, to which was replied “You all are”. Mosey…

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers, Flutter Kicks

The Thang: Chase the Ruck Rabbit

YHC arrived early to meet Schembechler for cones. Every 10 yards down the track to the 50yd line. It’s us vs. the rabbit #ironsharpensiron. Rabbit will carry the ruck by its two handles (approx 45lbs) run down to the 40 and back (we tried the 30, too easy – fast rabbits). The rest of the pax runs to the 50 and back.

No Rest… All active recovery.

IF THE PAX WINS: If anyone in the PAX beats the rabbit… the rabbit has 10 ruck thrusters while the entire pax only does 10 SSH. The pax member who beats the rabbit chooses the exercise and rep count for the (now winded) rabbit to perform as Q for the pax amusement. The brain has a hard time counting when tired. #ironsharpensiron

IF THE RABBIT WINS: If nobody in the PAX beats the rabbit… the rabbit only does 10 SSH while everyone in pax does 10 burpees. The the rabbit chooses the exercise he wants to Q and reps. #ironsharpensiron

Each rabbit Q chooses the next rabbit – REPEAT until everyone has been the rabbit.

We only caught 2 or 3 rabbits out of 8. Lots of burpees and very arrogant rabbits. YHC has ideas for “next time”.

Immediately upon completion YHC rucked up, a few guys grabbed cones and we made the mosey to the stadium seats.

Line up for box jumps (rabbit theme still in effect). pax does box jumps up and down the stadium seating as the ruck rabbit holds the ruck overhead by straps arms extended and ascends and descends the steps 1 time before handing off the ruck to the next rabbit. Repeat until everyone has made a trip with the ruck, rest of pax box jumping up and down the entire time.

Mosey to flag for 46 WWIs IC with the time remaining.

COT: Words from Schembechler and prayers for those in need.

Always humbled by these guys. No quitters. #ironsharpensiron

– Mariah


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