Back Blast 8.30.17: Dora meets Blocks

Where: “The Theatre” (Antrim Park)

When: 0530-0615

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Bo Schembechler, Mariah, 3-16, Pitt, Jumper

The Q had trouble sleeping last night as the “Q-drenaline” of leading a cinder block based workout took over. Despite less than usual sleep, the Q rose from the fartsack at 0440 ready to go. As the PAX arrived, they were instructed to grab a cinder block. All assembled at the shovel flag at 0530, blocks in hand, and the usual disclaimer was given.

PAX then mosey to the lower parking lot and dropped off their block at the base of the hill. Mosey continued to the lake dock for a the warm-up:

SSH x 30 IC

Imperial Walkers x 30 IC

Cotton Pickers x 30 IC

Sun Gods IC, 15 forwards and 15 backwards

Hold plank with each PAX counting to 15 (rotating from normal plank, plank on elbows, normal plank, right arm up plank, left arm up plank)

Dips 15 IC

Next, the PAX took a mosey to the cinder blocks at the base of the hill for The Thang:

The exercises were done in three groups of 2 PAX.  PAX 1 doing an exercise at the base of the hill, PAX 2 performed exercises up and down the hill, then PAX switched roles. Each main exercise grouping was performed for 3 minutes with a 1 minute “break” for an ab exercise.

Set 1:

Cinder-block arm press / mosey up and down hill

Ab break: World War ones

Set 2:

Cinder block shoulder press / mosey up hill backwards and down forwards

Ab break: American hammers

Set 3:

Cinder block squats / mosey up and down hill

Ab break: Freddy Mercury’s

Set 4:

Burpees with cinder block / mosey up and down hill

Ab break: LBC’s

Set 5:

Merkins with each hand on a cinder block, lowering chest below block / mosey up and Duck walk down hill

Ab break: Flutter kicks

Set 6:

SSH / farmer carry a cinder block in each hand up and down hill

Ab break: World War ones

Set 7:

All PAX bear crawl up hill pulling cinder block through

Finally a mosey to put blocks away, the PAX did merkins at the shovel flag until the last of the PAX arrived.

Lastly, BOM as Bo led us in prayer

Great job today PAX, we were in constant movement without breaks. I definately benefitted from some “q-drenaline”. I encourage others to Q, sign up at





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