Back Blast: 09.02.17 “Gimme Shelter”

Where: “The Theatre” (Antrim Park)

When: 0700-0800

QIC: Teach

Weather: Perfect

PAX: Kitty, Savannah (Respect), Teach, Cornhole (Respect), Tony Packo, Mariah, Bullfrog, Van Damme (Respect), Bumper (Respect), Spotlight, Grovetucky, Jumper (Hate) and Bo Schembechler

We had a perfect Saturday morning, 53 with light drizzle. Huge respect to the Pax who rucked until 1:30 a.m. in the morning and joined us for at 0700 for our F3 workout. Boom!

We had a nice 3 min mosey warm up around the park, circling up at the center soccer field for a slow functional warm up:

Sun Gods
Stevie Wonder – 1 foot up eyes closed, switch
90-90 soccer stretch
Plank – 10 count around the horn
Side Plan  10 count x 2
Walking Lunge with Twist
Lateral Squats
25 merkins
25 squats
25 lbc’s
Mosey to area under the trees by picnic benches
First workout out:
Contra Burpees plus broad jump – increasing merkins to 10
10 Broad Jumps
Second workout:
Mosey to hallow for some team training
2 Teams accumulate:
200 Merkins
300 Squats
400 LBC’s
Alternating with 1 person always sprinting the hill forward and backwards the next round.
Once complete as a group:
6 hill sprints
Third workout:
Crab / bear soccer for 16 minutes – this was a heated battle in the mud with plenty of dives, ducks, shots, and pure fun.
Ending on 4 mins of 4 suicide sprints
Namarama, words of inspiration and bom.
Coffeeteria: Tim Horton’s – strong showing to warm up and get to know the Pax better.

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