The “Laboring” Bear Back-Blast 9.4.2017

QIC: YHC, Bo Schembechler

PAX: Jumper (hate), Francis (hate), Wisdom, Bumper (Respect), FNG (AHHH), FNG (CrossGrain), Tony Packo, Mariah, 3-16!

After weeks of pushing FNG CrossGrain to post to a workout success was found as not 1 but 2 FNG’s arrived in the gloom on a restful holiday morning. Having researched a couple “new” movements for the PAX at 0330 in the morning YHC was ready to make celebratory morning one to be enjoyed. 

Once the PAX had assembled and the clock ticked over to 0530 YHC gave the disclaimer and began a mosey. The PAX likely wondered W.T.H. as YHC didn’t travel far or at a quick pace but went around in a very small loop only to end 20 yards away from the planted Shovel Flag (a flag on a shovel)

Goofballs X 20 ic (a standing mountain climber while upper body climbs the invisible ladder)

Sun Gods X 15 ic (forward & backward)

Abe Vigodas X 15 ic (SLOW SLOW windmills)

Squats X 20 ic

Cotton Pickers X 15 ic

Moving toward the flag lined up for a 3 movement rinse and repeat:

Lunges X 10 each leg

Burps X 10 (no pushup or standing)

Merkins X 10

Rinse and Repeat until past Shovel Flag… Once 2 rounds were completed by PAX we began a mosey over to the arena (track) for the THANG

Balls to the Wall : in the shadows we did 5Ct down the PAX while holding a handstand on the wall.

Centipede: In Single file the PAX moved up over and down the stadium steps until the end was reached.

Bear Ladder: Starting at one cone the PAX bear crawled to next cone where 1 Burpee was completed. Bear Crawling back to original cone where 2 Burpee’s were completed. This continued for 5 total crawls.

We’ll call this next movement : STGWTFL : Smear The Guy With The Flashing Light

At this time YHC, Handed a football and a white flasher to Jumper. We entered the football field where and set up a 30 second Beep (via speaker).

At the Beep (for 30 seconds) The GWTFL was to evade a 2 handed tag from any member of the PAX. If He was successful the PAX was to complete 5 Burpees. If he was Smeared the GWTFL was to complete 5 Burpees. The ball/FL then changed hands and at the next beep it repeated…. We got into a good rythm of STGWTFL. However, Jumper then took over the FL and Evaded for 30 seconds; the PAX completed 5 burpees. Jumper then evaded again, and again. The PAX was Gassed after 20 burpees in 2 mins while trying to catch this HATE! Finally, the PAX succeeded and Jumper was completing burpees! AYE!

With only 2 mins left YHC gave the FL to 3-16 and told him to run to the Flag. Off he went with the PAX in toe! At the flag 10 Burpees OYO were completed followed by Name O Rama, Circle of Trust, and Ball O Man.

We then desired to extend the Workout by moving the A.O. to Bob Evans where a PAX of 6 enjoyed a large breakfast and good fellowship.

Happy Labor Day


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