9.6.17 Band of Brothers Back-blast: All the Burpees

Pre-workout shot: The PAX assemble as Mariah pulls up, rims shinin’

When / Where: 0530 / The Theater

QIC: 3-16

PAX: Jumper, Crossgrain, Bo Schembechler, Grovetucky, Francis, Creepers, Spotlight, Teach, Dimon, Tony Packo, Bumper, Pitt, Sweaty Teddy (FNG), Mariah

As the PAX assembled in the dark, cool gloom, YHC had it mind that today they were going to do All the Burpees! The disclaimer was given and the workout commenced just as Teach and Dimon were joining the PAX.

After a mosey down to the lower parking lot the PAX did a quick warmup consisting of some side-straddle-hops, supermans, sungods etc. etc.

After the warm-up, YHC called out “the next exercise is called 10 minutes of burpees,” and instructed the men to perform as many burpees as they can in 10 minutes. Many complaints against YHC were voiced throughout this portion of the workout.

Burpees complete, the men moseyed to the dock. YHC informed the men they were to mosey around the pond at a 10-11 min. / mile pace, and that throughout the mosey the PAX should sprint ahead of the “core” and perform burpees until the core caught up to them – team goal of 250 burpees over the course of the mosey.

Good times were had as we made our way around the moonlit pond.

Next, mosey to “the hill.” There was time for some hill runs – the PAX partnered up and did three sets of hill sprints / air squats.

Bumper then led us victoriously back to the flag for name-o-rama and BOM.

Today we welcomed a new brother to the F3 PAX – Sweaty Teddy! Welcome brother – we hope to see you at our workouts often.  Mariah handed out fresh new F3 Columbus shirts to the PAX at the end of the workout, and they look amazing.

Good turnout today men. Let’s keep the momentum going into the weekend as we prepare for THE FIRST EVER Northern Convergence coming to our backyard September 11th.  Thanks for letting me Q today.

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