Back-Blast: 9/11 Memorial 09.09.17

Where: The Theater (Antrim Park)
WHO: Jumper, CrossGrain, Bumper, Francis, 3-16, Creepers, Savannah, Kournikova, FNG (Princess), Dimon, Spotlight, Kibbles, Aghh
QIC: Mariah

0700 – Brief disclaimer, all PAX instructed to grab a cinder block prior so we start to mosey at 0700 down the road to the lower lot, take a turn up the hill to the large clearing middle of picnic tables up top.

COP – SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, and few new ones…

Renegades (with block) – Merkin Chest to block, remaining in plank do a lat pull right arm w/block, another merkin chest to block, and lat pull with left arm w/block, merkin chest to block (THAT’s 1) x3
Renegade Man-Makers – Same as above adding a thruster pushing block overhead at end x3
9/11’s – In squating position push block straight out from chest 3x fast, twist push 3x right, twist 3x left, press block overhead (THAT’s 1). PAX did these IC x 11.

Rapid 10 count, no blocks touch the ground, mosey toward parking lot to trail through woods. We’re still better off than first responders had it. Don’t leave anyone behind. YHC shares an easy way to know if the PAX is together. If leader says “touch” everyone but the last guy should feel a hand tap his back. It was hard for first responders to see on 9/11/2001. We don’t want to lose anybody today either.


We’re crossing the bridge, so lunge (w/block). Yes, the whole bridge. Cut through woods at end through creek. Count off 1s-4s. Team up base of the hill. DO NOT SET DOWN YOUR BLOCKS DURING INSTRUCTION.

125 DEATHS AT THE PENTAGON (125 Merkins/team) – Done on blocks as a member of each group takes their block up and down the hill.

AA Flight 175 (175 Squats/team) – Done holding blocks against chest, rotate teammate up and down hill w/block.

Flight 77 and 93 (170 Flutter Kicks/team) – Done holding blocks arms locked over chest, rotate teammate up/down hill w/block.

110 Floors In Each Tower (110 Burpees/team) – The good news, no blocks, the bad news, we’re doing burpees. Rotate teammate up/down hill w/block. First team finished donates burpees to help other teams. Good mumblechatter about how much worse the guys climbing stairs and saving lives had it that day than we can simulate during our 1hr workout. HONOR – RESPECT

10 count – blocks off the ground. Mosey back over creek.

Lunge bridge AGAIN w/blocks – DO NOT FALL BEHIND “TOUCH!”

PAX keep falling behind. We’re walking with blocks not running. Strict single file. From lower lot up to main clearing by flag we reverse indian run. 1st man drops out to do 3 burpees w/block falls in at six, repeat until up top.

Circle up for Guantanamo’s

Standing Block extended in front – Each man starts running the circle joining in at the end of the line, pushing down on every man’s block – FIGHT IT. Once around for every man.

Kneeling Block extended in front – Same

Flutter kick position both legs raised block over chest arms extended – Same (pushing feet down) Everyone starts taking it easy on each other 3-16 shows us that iron needs to sharpen iron and everyone starts throwing feet down hard.

4 min left…

Squat position block up arms locked overhead. Each member of PAX does a 3 count. We’re achieving some simulated suffering with success now. 3 Burpees.

REPEAT x 3 w/10 burpees on final set. Head to the flag.

COT – We share respect for the lives lost and sacrifices made that day on 9/11/2001. We pray for those PAX in harms way in Houston and Florida, lift up Bumper’s brother. Bumper closes us out in prayer.

YHC – Mariah, humbled again by this PAX of 14 HIMs




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