Back-Blast 9.11.17: I’m Sorry, You’re Welcome

Where: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)
PAX: Teach, Francis, Mariah, Bumper (Respect), Grovetucky, Sweaty Teddy, Wisdom, Creepers, AHHh, Crossgrain, Jumper, 3-16, Schembechler
QIC: Mogul

5:30 Disclaimer given, Mosey over to the track

– Side straddle hop 30 x
– Cotton pickers 15x
– Marching soldiers 10 x

On the line on track. Cone at each end
– Merkin knee up 5x between each run (10 Merkins)
Two groups Every 90 seconds. Second group goes in 5 seconds following first. You can’t begin the Push up knee ups until the last runner crosses. Modified is either do not do merkin sets or skip a round in between runs. Run 50 and jog 50.
10 x

COP #2
Merkin arm walk reach out in front 10x
– Dive bombers 5 x
– baby crunches 20 x

AYG (All you got)
– EMOMS…..110’s (6x)
– Modified is baby crunches or Merkins in between and run every other set.

Mosey to steps for a 9/11 tribute
Partner groups of 2 at each set of steps. One runs bleachers up, second starts up when 1st reaches top. If guy going down reaches bottom before partner #2 gets to the top = 5 Burpees.

Same as above with box jumps up the bleachers. x2 – 5 Burpees entire PAX

Mosey to flag.

With remaining time
– Sun gods in plank arm raised each side IC – 10 x
– Sun gods w/ reach under 10 x


Congrats to Mogul on his first Q!

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