The Convergence of the North est.2017

What: In a Joint PAX effort we gathered together in Columbus, Oh @ Scioto Audubon Park to build the unity between the region. With the sole purpose of encouraging one another, pushing one another, and being “slightly” competitive we pressed on to make it an event that will likely only grow as we push forward!

QIC: Buchanan (F3 Cleveland)

PAX:  Patton (Double Respect), Bumper (Respect), Ahhh, FIAB (Respect), Grovetucky, TinTin, FNG (Spalding), Teach, Pops, Vowels, Francis, Savannah (Respect), FNG (Guppie), Cable Guy, Bullfrog, Kournicova, Nice & Easy, Jumper, Mariah, Haskell, Stick (11), Creepers, Tahoe, Lego, Miyagi, Huggy, Stalker, Dusty, Primus, Bo Schembechler.

31 Men Posted on a perfect football Saturday for a long distance circuit workout followed by an obstacle course competition, cookout, and great fellowship. Kudos to the Columbus PAX for the effort especially Bo Schembechler at the lead #HIM.


6 Stations, hit two stations (4mins per) then converge for some concentrated efforts.

  1. Water Tower Stair Climb (4 flights)
  2. Bear Burpicide – BC 10 yds run back 1 burpee, BC 20 yds run back 2 burpees, BC 30 yds run back 3 burpees… Continued
  3. Redman – Burpee every 10 yds ; Up & Back.
  4. Flip/Flop – alternate Bear Crawl & Crab Walk every 20 yds Up & Back.
  5. Hills – Penalty to Stalker’s group for getting out of order, log carry hills.
  6. Step ups X25; Derkins X20; Dips X15; Merkins X10; REPEATO.

Convergence 1: Buchanan

Archibald: 10 Squats Jumps, 10 Lunge Jumps, 10 Squat Jacks, AlGore, 20 Jump Squats, 25 Monkey Humpers.
Convergence 2: Mariah
Carolina Dry Docks X20, Mountain Climibers X20, Sun gods forward… Hold… Sun gods backward.
Convergence 3: Stalker
Crunchy frogs X20, LBC X20, American Hammers X15, Cockroach X20, Superman, Michael Phelps.
COT, welcomed two FNGs Spaulding (EH from Columbia TinTin), FNG Guppie (EH by Jumper from Columbus) Great day for first post. Prayers led by Bo for Bumpers Brother suffering brain cancer and Haskell’s mother in law who has stae 4 cancer. Prayers for all suffering the ravages of two hurricanes and strength for all to be better men, husbands, fathers, and lead in our communities.
It was my honor to lead such a strong group of men today. I thank you all.


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