9.18.17 Camp Willis: Just a Little Patience

Where:    Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)
Who:       Mariah, Wisdom, Ahhh, Crossgrain, Skipper(FNG), Slash, Tony Packo, 3-16,      Teach, Mogul, Creepers, Jumper, Grovetucky, Bo Schembechler
QIC:         Spotlight

0530:       Disclaimer was read just after Teach strolled up and sloshed down his last sip of coffee. Everyone in the PAX grabs a band. No objections were heard from the PAX so we started the mosey.  We hustled past one of the drained city pools, which was evidence that the weather will be changing and it will get easier and easier to fart sack.

COP:     10 low and slow squats, Sun Gods IC forward, Sun Gods IC backwards, Hillbillies IC, Teach Stretch

The Thang:
-Grab a spot on the fence for a round of Pure Burns.  Complete the squat portion and top it off with 15 merkins. (X3)
-Mosey to the goalposts for a quick ab blast led by Tony Packo while QIC sets up cones.
-Quarter Pounder (done with bands in hand)
————Sprint 25 yds.  Complete 25 curls.  Backpedal to the start.
————Sprint 50 yds.  Complete 50 upright rows.  Backpedal to start.
————Sprint 75 yds.  Complete 75 shoulder presses.  Backpedal to start.
————Sprint 100 yds.  Complete 100 merkins.  Mumblechatter getting louder.
-Royale with Cheese( bands are left at the goalline)
————Sprint 25 yds.  Complete 5 burpees.  Sprint back to start
————Sprint 50yds.  Complete 5 burpees.  Sprint back to start
————Sprint 75 yds.  Complete 5 burpees.  Sprint back to start
————Sprint 100 yds.  Complete 5 burpees.
PAX is looking out for the six.  Many brothers head back onto the course to encourage and assist.  Last 5 burpees are done by the entire PAX.
-10 yd sprints x8.  Bo started having flashbacks to O-Line drills.
-PAX moseys to the other goalline to pick up their bands.
-Creepers leads a mosey back to the flag.  There is still time left so we break into a rendition of Mary.  American Hammer (x30), Protractor (around the circle), Flutter kicks (x20).

0615:     Circle up for a count, name-a-rama and BOM.
1 FNG today was brought by Creepers.  Bo prayed us out, asking for patience in all the different aspects of our lives.  It’s the beginning of a new week for the PAX.  That means responsibilty, but it also means opportunity.  Make the most of the week you are given.  Something that comes easy for you might not come easy for others.  Be patient at work and at home.  You will have a chance to make someone’s load a little lighter, or a little heavier, which will you choose?  You will have the chance to lift someone up, or cut them down, which will you do?

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