9.20.2017 Highway to the Comfort Zone. Band of Brothers Back Blast

Where:   Antrim Park

Who:     Jumper, Guppy, 3-16, Slash, Mariah, Mogul, Grovetucky, Dimon, Bo Schembechler, Ahhh, Pitt, Tony Packo

QIC:     Spotlight

0530:     The PAX was a little thin leading up to kickoff.  Following Dimon’s lead a number of men jumped out of their cars as the bell was being rung.  Bo led us off with the disclaimer and we started the mosey.

COP:     SSH x15,  Fat man twists,  Big arm circles (forward and backward),  Knee hugs x10 each leg

The Thang:
–She hate me (x3) with a sprint to the 4th tennis court between each set.  20 split jumps, 10 burps, 10 merkins.  That is one set.
–Rapid Fire Rock Set at the shovel flag coupled with a mosey to the tennis courts and a round of Mary.  That is one set.  The PAX dominated 3 sets.  Rapid Fire was made up of tricep extensions, steering wheels, curls, swings, overhead press. 10-15 reps per excercise.  Mary included reverse crunch, American Hammer, LBC, Scorpion Crunch.  45 seconds for each excercise.  No rest between excercises.
–Scorpion Carolina Dry Docks.  10 reps(5 with each leg in the air) run across the tennis court. Backpedal to the start. x3
–Mosey to the shovel flag.  We have time for 1 more excercise.  3-16 makes a call for the PAX to go AYG to the far soccer goal and back.

0615:   PAX is ready for count, name-a-rama and BOM.  The theme today was comfort.  Pax spent 45 minutes searching for comfort but it was hard to come by.  It’s easy to be comfortable.  It’s easy to stay in bed.  It’s easy to NOT take the first step to repair a relationship.  WE have to be willing to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations in order to get the life we want for ourselves and our families.  Nobody has ever said “that was comfortable, I feel better about myself.”  Discomfort is the price we pay for any growth in our life.  Whether it be emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or financial.

—–I don’t always workout but, when I do it’s F3.  Stay uncomfortable my friends.——–

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