Columbus 9.23 “Endurance” Back-Blast


Where: The Theater aka Antrim Park

When: Saturday 0700-0800

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Van-Damme (Respect), Ahhh, Mariah, Creepers, Teach, Capsize, FNG (Rip-Cord), Bumper (Respect), Gimpy, Jumper, Crossgrain, Slapshot, Spotlight, 3-16, Grovetucky

YHC, admits this Back-blast is 48 hours past the events that took place. (Slacker) I would like to start with this. Endurance isn’t glamorous, it isn’t easy, it isn’t fun. However, When you finally get to the goal, giants seem less powerful, obstacles less giant, and refreshing water so much sweeter!

The PAX fully assembled at 0659 as Van-Damme & Mariah came in from their morning Ruck to move forward into the task set before them. YHC, 19 days since the last Q gave a full disclaimer, welcomed our FNG, and began the mosey.

Leading the PAX past the outhouse toward the tennis courts (moving at a warm pace) YHC overheard chatter about bricks… so in true fashion turned the PAX 180degree and as the mosey continued back past the outhouse ordered 3-16, Teach, and Spotlight to retrieve 3 bricks for the PAX. Moving across the sloppy field to an the place the stage had been set.


SSH X ic 062 (in honor of 062) that was 5 hours away from completing GoRuck Selection YHC had the PAX start with 62 SSH with lots of chatter!

Mountain Climbers ic X 20

Sun Gods X ic 30 : HOLD

Reverb Sun Gods X ic 30 : HOLD

Over Head Clap X ic 30 : Recover
Moving to a multi Denominational Stage designed in a continuous 4 sided square the PAX counted off by 5.

Station 1: 10 Merkins

10 yards (Global Warming)

Station 2: 10 Merkins

10 yards (Global Warming Opposite)

Station 3: 10 Merkins

10 Yards (Lunges)

Station 4: 10 Merkins

10 Yards (Army Crawl; Hips on ground use upper body)

Rinse and Repeat: until released by station 5 for rotation.

Station 5:

15 Yard Bear Crawl Brick Pull-through Down and Back

3 5gal buckets: Mosey to lake Fill Buckets and return.

Relieve (1’s)

Rinse and Repeat until all numbers 1-5 had completed the trip to lake and back.
Running out of time team 4 started bear crawls early and as they moseyed down to the lake the PAX moved toward the flag.

PAX was to complete burpees on the “DOWN” until 4s Returned from the lake to the flag. This continued at an unknown number until they returned and as a PAX we completed 5 more burpees on the “DOWN”

Although there was room for chatter during the workout it was a continuous and rigorous 60 minutes.

YHC, was extremely humbled to be Q and extremely encouraged by the growing strength of the PAX.

We ended with a word on endurance in our COT, and Crossgrain led the PAX out in our BOM.

As we saddled up Tony Packo arrived to take Mariah on an extended trip as He preps for the GoRUCK : MOG MILE 9.29.17! We’re rooting for you.


Bo Schembechler

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