Back Blast 9.30.17: Rock n’ Roll

AO: “The Theatre” Antrim Park

When: 0700-0800

QIC: grovetucky

PAX: Bo Schembechler, Savannah, Bumper, Jumper, Guppy, Dimon, Crossgrain, Capsize, Tiger, FNG (Babe), Van-Damme

Upon arrival the PAX was instructed to grab a cinder block. The disclaimer was given at 0700 promptly. Then the PAX mosied to the tennis courts for COP.



Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Hillbilly’s x 20 IC

Teach can-opener stretch

Sun Gods x 15 IC forward and 15 IC backwards


The PAX then mosied with the cinder block down to base of the hill. Blocks were dropped off for later use. YHC kept his block as we mosied to the dock. Then Indian run around the lake. Man in the rear pick up the block and sprint to front of line then drop off block for next man. After each of the PAX cycled through the group did 5 burpees. 4 sets of burpees were performed on our trek around the lake. A break was also taken for a series of 20 monkey humpers and 10 squat jumps.

The PAX then returned to the base of the hill and paired off in groups of 2.

One PAX  farmer carried 2 cinder blocks up and down the hill, while the other did squats, then switch x 4 minutes total

Then one PAX back pedaled up hill and mosied down while the other did cinder block swings, then switch x 4 minutes total.

Next the PAX carried the cinder block up the hill to the soccer field and lined up on the midfield line. Then 10 lunges with the cinder block (5 each leg) then bear crawl and pull the cinder block forward (5 each arm). This was repeated until reaching the park entrance road (about 2-3 sets of each).

Then the blocks were put away and the PAX lined up along the tennis court sideline. PAX then ran to the sideline of the next court and back and then did 10 knee-up merkins (5 each leg).  Then run to  sideline of next court and back for 10 knee-up merkins. This was repeated for all 6 tennis courts. Plank until the 6 finished.

Next, mosey to shovel flag for 6-minutes of Mary:

WWI’s x 30

Freddy Mercury’s x 20 IC

Planks rotating on 2 elbows, right elbow only, left elbow only. Holding position for a 10-count from each of the PAX.

4-count exercise combining crunch and American hammer (x 20 IC)

Finally, Name-o-Rama and BOM as Bo led us in prayer for Mariah and Tony Packo as they complete the Mog Mile. Also prayers to Bo and his wife as they prepare to give birth to their 3rd child this weekend!

It was an honor to lead such great men this morning!





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