Back blast 10.04.17: Band Camp 

AO: The Threatre (aka Antrim Park)

When: 0530-0615

QIC: Jumper

PAX: Dimon, Mogul, Slash, Jumper, Crossgrain, FNG (Spud), Guppy, Teach, Ahhh, Grovetucky

Arrived at The Theatre to see Crossgrain and FNG (Spud) setting up shovelflag. Participated in some mumblechatter for a few minutes before disclaimer was given and PAX was called begin mosey. Few of the PAX rolled in as we moseyed away. They caught up. Finished the mosey by circling up at the tennis courts. 
Warm up:

SSH x 35 IC

Sun gods x 35 IC (both ways)

Teach can-opener stretch

Hillbilly’s x 25 IC
Instructed PAX to hustle and grab resistance bands. Back to tennis courts…
Round 1:

Band curls x 30 IC

American hammers x 40 IC

Bear crawl to 1st line and back
Round 2:

Band triceps extensions x 15 IC

Flutter kicks (5 count each person)

Crab walk to 1st line and back
Round 3:

Band shoulder rows (upward/forward/lateral x 25 IC)

Planks (10 count each person)

Mountain climbers x 1 min

Bear crawl to 2nd line and back
Round 4:

Merkins (5 count each person)

Seated band row x 30 IC

Superman back crunch (hold) x 25 IC
Final round:

Aimlessly moseyed around field til the time struck burpee o’ clock . 10 burpees given. This was repeated 3 times.
Moseyed back to flag. May I have 15 more burpees, please? PAX boldly answered by busting out 15 burpees IC. Honored to have lead this group of men this morning. “Let your yes be yes and no be no” was the word given this morning.
Let’s be men who are true to our commitments. Being half in on anything is lame anyways, right?
Name O’ Rama. Welcomed FNG (Spud). Balled up and Crossgrain prayed us out.

See ya Saturday Gentlemen,

– Jumper

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