Back-Blast 10.5.17: Quad Burner

AO: “Whine Man” Hill (aka Wyman Woods, Grandview)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Tony Packo, Jumper, Mariah, Bo Schembechler, Ahhh, Guppy, Teach, Skipper, Ball Bearing, Crossgrain, FNG (Daycare), Rip Cord, Mogul, Pitt, Savannah

Disclaimer was given promptly at 0530 as a few of the PAX came hot into the parking lot. Then a long mosey around the park back to the shovel flag for COP


SSH x 50 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Teach’s can-opener stretch, each leg x 30 sec


Mosey to the short stone retaining wall for the following:

20 Box jumps OYO, 20 Calf Raises OYO, 20 Squats OYO

Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sets each

Mosey to “The Hill”, then backpedal up hill and mosey back down x 5, this provided the great quad burn I had promised!!

Then mosey to the soccer field and circle up for the following:

Flutter kicks x 25 IC

American Hammers x 25 IC

Prisoner get-ups x 20 IC

World War one’s x 25

Monkey Humpers x 50

Mosey back to the hill and run up forward x 5 times, Bo encouraged us to go up a 6th time to finish with the Six

Next, Indian Run up the hill to the fire station then back down to shovel flag

Mosey to the soccer midfield line and lunge to the end line, followed by 20 jump squats, then lunge back to the midfield line.

Finally, mosey back to the shovel flag for Freddy Mercury’s x 25 IC and finish off the legs with monkey humpers x 50.

Then Name-o-rama, welcome our FNG (Daycare), and BOM as Jumper led us out in prayer.

Strong work this morning men!! It was uplifting to see 15 HIM’s spring out of the fartsack and push themselves!!




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