Back-Blast 10.07.2017: This and That

Where: The Theatre (aka Antrim Park)
When: 0700-0800

QIC: Jumper

PAX: Tiger, Bo, Tony Packo, Guppy, Dimon, 3-16, Rip-Cord, Kournikova, Van-Damme (Respect), Slim Jim (Raleigh), Crossgrain

Arrived in the gloom to see multiple PAX hanging around shovelflag. Disclaimer promptly given by Bo…and off we go.

Mosey to soccer field across road…

SSH x 50 IC

Hillbilly’s x 40 IC

Cotton Picker’s x 20 IC
Line up…

High knees one way

Butt kickers on way back

Teach can-opener stretch
– 15 quality burpees (jump high) OYO

– Mountain climbers x 30 IC

– Sprint to end of field and 10 quality burpees

– Lunge back to midline with arms up
– Side planks (10 count from each PAX)

– Spider-Man push ups til fail

– Sprint to end of field and 50 squat jumps

Called PAX….”Follow me”…Mosey back to midline
– Flutter kicks (half of PAX called out different numbers, finished strong by grabbing hold of Q and completing 10 IC)

– Burp and Merk (pyramid) up to 10 OYO

– Planks (10 count from each PAX)

– “Follow me”…Mosey, eventually back to midline.
– American Hammers x 50 OYO

– Sprint to end of field and back

– Protractors (5 count from each PAX)

– Mosey, and again…back to midline.
– Deep Squat Punches x 31 IC (in celebration of Crossgrain’s 31st bday)


– Sprint to 2nd goal and back (x2)

– Burpees x 10 OYO

– Karoake step to 2nd goal and back

– Crossgrain called out 2-3 different PAX to give any number; PAX busted out that # of squats

– Moseyed to shovel flag…

– Finished strong by matching age of different PAX with number of LBCs. Got through 3 PAX and…

Time’s up! Count off…Name O’ Rama.

Crossgrain called PAX to be all in or all out with the yes/no we give people. Bo gave quick update on life with new baby girl and shared his continually encouraged heart being with his F3 brothers. BOM and lead out in prayer by Bo.

Off to coffeeteria at Tim Horton’s!

Til next time,


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