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What is F3?

Men of Central Ohio,

What is F3 Columbus?

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to All Men
  3. Outdoors; Rain and Shine, Heat and Cold
  4. Peer led, no training or certificates

End with Circle of Trust (COT)

F3 was established on 01.01.2011 in Charlotte, NC. There were 35 men that posted to the very first workout. There are currently over 150 free workouts per week in Charlotte. The fitness level and activity is vast. Running, Kettle Bells, Boot Camps, Cycling, Rucking, and so much more…

Fast forward to March 2017, a few men gathered here in Columbus to launch F3 in Columbus, OH. We have been operating for over six months and continue to see men leaving the safety of their “gym” and entering the challenge, encouragement, and motivation of the GLOOM (that’s what we call the pre-sun rise time we workout)

The the 3F’s are applied as follows.

Fitness, Every man should be able to carry his weight.(Click on the names of the workouts to see what we do) Modify as needed, often is!

Fellowship, See the attached articles, This is what every man really needs! Bonded in the Gloom, Encouraged to face the obstacles at home/work, and Pushed to be better.

Faith, belief that you are part of something more than yourself. We respect each man and his individual beliefs while at the same time don’t shy away from sharing that Inspiration, Discipleship, and Care throughout the PAX.

YHC (your humble correspondent) is a Christian man and un-ashamedly so. However, the Faith I carry into the gloom each workout is strengthened in my weakness and the respect and encouragement from my F3 brothers pushes me throughout my week to lead in my home, work, and community.

Will you consider joining us in the gloom? (see schedule below)


Bo Schembechler (the name YHC was given because of his allegiance to OHIO STATE at his first workout in NC)

“He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christs may rest upon me.” – 2 Cor 12:9 


Loneliness Article 1

Loneliness Article 2

Guys Need Bro’s Article

Speed for Need

^brothers down south



To Be The Q Schedule Click Here

–>Q the Workout<–


(click on the workout to see what you missed this past week)

10.11 Wednesday

Band of Brothers

(Resistance: low to no running)

VQ(first time): CROSSGRAIN


Antrim Park

10.12 Thursday

Whine Man’s Hill

(lower body work)

VQ(first time): SKIPPER


Wyman Woods Park


10.14 Saturday


(bootcamp style)



Antrim Park

10.16 Monday

The Bear

(running intensive)



Jones Middle -UA

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