10.11 21’s back-blast…

What – F3 @the theatre (Antrim Park)

When – Wednesday 10.11

QIC – Crossgrain

Who – grovetucky, ahh, guppie, teach, jumper, Folgers, crossgrain, ball bearing, Dimon, mogul, slash, Maria, kitty, and Bo Schembechler.

Q gave f3 disclaimer and grabbed blocks and bands and moseyed to the nearest lit up area.

The thang!

21’s with block (7 lower have rep, 7 upper half rep, 7 full reps)

Q then decided 1 set wasn’t enough so we did 6 sets.

Grabbed the bands and proceeded to do 21’s with overhead tricep extensions.

Back to 21’s on the curls with the block.

Then q had each pax member call a number we did that many overhead tricep extensions.

10 Merkins on the blocks. (Hardest Merkin most experienced)

With bands we did forward lateral raises, side lateral raises and upright rows. Punishing our shoulders.

Jumped into to “buddy” curls. We stood in front of one another and did as many as we could with the block then handed it off and kept doing this for 10 minutes.

Back to 21’s on the curls.

Met at the stopping point for a little Indian run style curls to Stowe our blocks away.

Met at the flag counted up did name a rama and crossgrain ended us in prayer. Specifically praying the men won’t resent him for his Q.

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