WMH 10.12.17 Back-Blast

What: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods Park)

QIC: Skipper

PAX: Mariah, Creepers, Mogul, Crossgrain,  Rip-cord, Savanah (respect), Teach, Bo Schembechler, Guppy, Grovetucky

The PAX assembled and at 0530 promptly received the disclosure! The LAX boarded the boat and skipper made the calls beginning with a moseyed around the park to start the warm up. Immediately into C.O.P.
Windmills x ic 20
Imperial walkers x ic 20
Cotton pickers x ic 20
Teach stretch

PAX was challenged to started the journey with two laps of Indian Runs, Avoiding the hill in the wet to preserve the park and limit personal injury (kind Q)

PAX circled up around the knee wall (dock) and started a tabada style beatdown 10s rest 20sec work  focusing on the legs and core.

Exercises included:
Box jumps
Mountain climbers
Alternating toe taps
Left foot planks
Right foot planks
Box jumps
Right Side planks
Left side plank
Box jumps
Spider-Man planks
Box jumps
Flutter kicks
Plank jacks
Alternating toe taps

Leaving the dock at the call of the skipper another mosey, Indian run style up the cop hill along Grandview Ave, and then down back to the knee wall.

Pushed through the finish with box jumps until Mariah got tired followed by AYG to the flag for count, name o Rama, and Ball of man!

Great VQ-Skipper

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