Back-Blast: F3-M3 10.16.17

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Teach, Grovetucky, Schembechler, CrossGrain, Ball Bearing, Dimon, Jumper, Slash, 3:16, Ahh, and Frugal MacDougal (From Nashville)

(M3) Monday Morning with Mogul

Disclosure given promptly at 5:30

Side Straddle Hop x 30
Sun Gods x10 each direction
Cotton Pickers x 20

Mozy to track

Walking lunge toe touch x 20

Then, the fun started
– 40 yard wide merkin side walks. 5 Burpees every 10 yards (Thanks to Grovetucky for creatively suggesting we move to the other side of the fence). Core exercise
– Ran 1 Lap
– 10…..100 yard sprints. EMOM
– Banana Rolls on the track (combo of Superman and Boat..Core) 4 minutes
– Angry Crab x 20 (Core)
– 100 yard Burpee jumps
– Ran a Lap. Finished burpee jumps with our 6.

– 6:14 Indian Run back to flag. (Courtesy of Schembechler)
– finished at 6:16 (The extra minute made us better)

– Mariah stated that he had to go #2 since the second sprint. Luckily, no crowning occurred and he was able to finish.

COT – Name-O-Rama

In Summary, by my estimate we accomplished the following
– Ran 2.5 miles (Per my step counter. Most of which was a sprint or fast run)
– 110 merkins (between the wide merkin side walks and the burpees)
– 50 broad jumps

Thank you for letting me Q and for showing up with a great attitude.

YHC – Mogul


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