Back Blast 10.18.17 Flex

AO: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)
WHEN: 0530-0615
TEMP: 44 F
PAX: Bo Schembechler, Mogul, Grovetucky, Diamond, Jumper, Aye, Mariah, Spotlight, Ballbearing, Teach (QIC), Savannah


Disclaimer followed by mosey around the park while we waited for a few stragglers to join the PAX

COP at the Lake

Cat Stretch
Glute bridge
Sun Gods
Drop Lunge
Lateral Lunge
Stevie Wonders
Low Squat to hamstring stretch
Lunge forearm to instep with rotation
Mosey to Basketball Courts
The Thang
45 secs work, 15 sec rest, partner up, one partner is planking with 20 merkins during the work
1. Band Bicep curls
2. Kettlebell Deadlifts
3. Wall balls to backboard  (Squat to push press throw with medicine ball)
4. Speed skaters
5. 10lb overhead ball slams
2 rounds of suicides
Namarama and COT
Today’s focus was mobility, flexibility with a short HIIT workout. Thank you PAX


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