LEGO Movie 10.21.2017

QIC: Tony Packo

PAX: Van-Damme (Respect), Savannah (Respect), Slapshot, Rip-cord, Guppy, Ahhh, Mariah, Spotlight, Dimon, Crossgrain, Beaver, Teach, Bo Schembechler.

Disclaimer was given promptly at 0700 and we had a short mosey through the parking lot to warm up the legs and get the blood flowing on a beautiful fall morning.
SSH x 20 IC
Air Squats x 20 IC
Windmills x 20 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC
Arm circles
Grab the Blocks and mosey to the path around the lake
Stay in formation and try to keep a quick pace while alternating block hold between overhead, left arm, right arm, and neutral. We got out of sorts and lost our six pretty quickly so it was a loop back for the pax to form back up and carry on. As we continued moving around the lake we would break up the movement with brick related fun in cadence including: Merkins, Curls, Derkins, Swings, and flutter kicks.
Upon completion of the first lap the Pax brought their lego blocks onto the deck for and introduction to a lovely woman named Sally. Here the pax spent 3:31 of block squats and thrusters getting to know Sally better. Upon completion we loosened up to some overhead hand claps and cherry pickers.
Now that the Pax was fresh again it was off for lap two around the lake with a little “Everything is Awesome” to help us get moving. We did an easy 20 ct of block press sit ups and earned a reprieve from the lap. It was time to return to the flag but the Pax would continue the alternation of block holds and a quick found of block hug air squats.
Upon reaching the flag we circled up and realized there was a little time left on the clock for enrichment. Spotlight also grumbled about his feet being wet so Q decided to make sure his six would match. We did modified protractors with our lego blocks alternating between press hold and kissing the deck and the pax calling off leg positions for five seconds each around the circle. Upon completion there was a few seconds left to do a Pax deep squat overhead press of the block until the whole pax was in sync. Finished up with a heartfelt admiration of the efforts by the Pax.
Closed out the workout with count, name-o-rama, and balling up for prayer.
Great job by all and thank you for your efforts!
Tony Packo

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