Back Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

VQ: Slash

When: 0530-0615

Weather: perfect

PAX: grovetucky, Jumper, Ahhh, Crossgrain, Ripcord, Ball Bearing, FNG (Abrasion), FNG (Bootleg), Wisdom, Bo Schembechler, Tony Packo, Dimon, Mariah, Mogul, 3-16

The VQ gave the disclaimer promptly at 0530 and remained around the shovel flag for COP:

Cotton pickers x 20 IC

stretch of quads and hamstrings 30 seconds with right leg back and 30 seconds with left leg back

Teach stretch 30 seconds each leg

Next the PAX mosied to the track for the thang:

3 mile run (12 laps around the track) with the goal of completeing under 27 minutes

Next the PAX circled up aroung Mogul and he led the group for a few exercises:

Plank with alternating arm lift x 15 each arm IC

In plank position, move to right arm and leg to right to create wide grip then do a merkin, repeat to left x 10 IC

LBC x 40 IC

Mosey back to flag, plank until the Six arrive.

Name-o-rama, welcomed 2 FNG’s who had been recruited at the Indian Princess campout on Friday, COT (keep Bumper in our thoughts and prayers), and BOM as Jumper led us out in prayer.  It was inspiring to have Slash ring the second bell, strong work!!




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