Back-Blast 10-27-2017: Keeping You Warm

AO: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods Park)

QIC: Jumper

When: 0530-0615

Weather: Cold, but not cold enough for the HIM of F3Columbus

PAX: Grovetucky, Crossgrain, Tony Packo, Mariah, Mogul, Bo Schembechler, Buzz Lightyear, Francis, Guppy 

Rolled up a few min before 0530. Bo arrives and calls out 0530. Look around and see no FNGs…No time wasted. PAX proceeds with the thang.

Mosey up trail path. 20 dips on bar.

Few more PAX arrive and join in on mosey down.

Circle up.

– SSH x 40 IC

– Sun gods x 20 IC (both ways)

– Cotton pickers x 25 IC

Mosey…turned into in-line butt kickers, high knees, power skips. Return to cushiony but frozen pad at playground.

– LBCs x 30 IC

– Elevated flutter kicks x 30 IC

– Monkey humpers x 40 IC

Mosey over to base of hill.

– Partner up and 2 cycles for each HIM:

HIM 1 – 3 hill sprints

HIM 2 – superman back crunches, elevated flutter kicks, LBCs   rotation
Plank til 6.

– Each PAX gave 5 count for different planking positions; repeat for protractors.

Mosey to soft frozen pad…

– American hammers x 40 IC

– WWI x 30 IC

Mosey back to hill…

– Repeat plank/protractor cycle with 5 count from each PAX.

Mosey to flag…

– Tony Packo led PAX in a minute of something fun.

– Francis led PAX for 20 merkins

– Guppy led PAX for 20 American hammers

Name O’ Rama.

Bo shared some exciting news regarding (A/B ending at Starbucks for available PAX)…

A – Friday exercise at 1400 Dublin Rd. @ 0530-0615 (weight room)

B – Friday 1.2.3 M/R/W at Whine Man’s Hill (extremely low/light movement, mosey, ruck, walk with devotion/prayer) @ 530 and lasting til whenever.

C – Certain PAX stepping up in leadership and desiring to start afternoon AO teachers/third shift/habitual fartsackers

BOM, particularly lifting up Bumper, his brother, and family.

Thanks for puttin’ in the WORK with me


Oh yeah…

Mariah, Jumper, Crossgrain (with the encouragement of Francis and Bo) had 1st day of add-on 6 sprints at end of workout.

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