Back-Blast 10.28.17: “Monster Mash”

AO: The Theater (Antrim Park)

QIC: 3-16

When: 0700-0800

Weather: Gloomy and rainy, temperature in the 30’s – in other words, perfect for a good ol’ F3 beatdown

PAX: Francis, Teach, Guppy, Dimon, Tiger, FNG (Hooker), FNG (Batman), Ahh, Gimpy, Diapers, Tony Packo, Kornikova, Spotlight, Grovetucky, Jumper, Van Damme (RESPECT), Crossgrain, Bo Schembechler

19 PAX including 2 FNGs turned out in the cold and gloomy rain for “Monster Mash” at the Theater Saturday. The goal of the Q was to give an all around mashing to the PAX, working every body  part. A few mintutes before 0700 the Q instructed the men to grab a block. 0700 stuck and the men circled up in the filed with their blocks for the warm-up.  I never have an exact plan of what the workout will entail, just the broad strokes, and I don’t take notes while the workout is going on, so I’ll do my best to remember what we did. The important thing is men showed up, did work and got better.


Side straddle hops, sun gods, mountain climbers, can openers, supermans, merkins, air squats, overhead block presses, block curls, block rows etc. etc.

NEXT, mosey to the deck:

The men paired off in teams of 2 for alternating sets of air squats and running to the parking lot until achieving 300 air squats

Still in pairs,

Round 1: alternating plank and dips x 20, incline merkin x 20, decline merkin x 20

Round 2: alternating plank and dips x 35, incline merkin x 20, decline merkin x 20

NEXT: Indian run around the pond

Half-way around the pond we paused for 10 burpees, then continued back around the pond and back up to the flag

Back at the flag the men circled up with their blocks again and did some overhead presses, skull crushers, front raises etc. for the last few minutes of the workout.

We ended with Circle of Trust, welcoming two FNGs (Hooker and Batman) to the F3 Columbus brotherhood. Great job men and thank you for letting me Q!


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