11.8 back-blast. 10/20/30

Who : Grovetucky, mogul, crossgrain, guppy, Bo Schembechler, ahh, dimon, wildabeast, spikeball, teach, slash, 2 fngs. (Baby Ruth and red eye)

Where At 0530 @f3 The theatre (Antrim park) a solid group of men met up and braved the cold. We grabbed our blocks and took a mosey.

This mornings Q (crossgrain) isn’t much for running but knew we had to to warm up. As it was 34 degrees out.

Ssh x20 ic
Sungods forward and back 30 seconds each.

We did 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, and 30 air squats. Sprinted up a small hill and did that again. X2

Moseying to a different spot to keep it going we did another 2 rounds of 10/20/30

Mosied yet again and found ourselves doing explosive Merkins clapping on the way up. X10

Took a little mosey made it to the tennis courts where we did burpee broad jumps, wheelbarrow carries, bear crawls, and some sprints. Oh and another two rounds of 10/20/30

Grabbed up the blocks and moved yet again. Circling up and doing another set of 10/20/30 then we did protractors with the blocks pressed out and when we finished that we did our last set of 10/20/30 and on the last two sets we all did them together nice clean and slow reps. The last set of squats we did 60 instead just to break ourselves off. Ending our morning with 110 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 330 squats for each man. Good morning if I do say so myself!

Circled around the flag did count-a-Rama, name-a-Rama and then named our two fngs.

Balled up asked for prayer requests as we found out a member of our pax had lost his brother last week we lifted them up and prayed for them. As well as those effected by the horrific incident in Texas. Fng red eye led out in prayer.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and put their best foot forward. We’re not only here to get in a better shape but we’re here to become better men. And this morning i witnessed that. Thank you all!

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