11/11/17 Back Blast: Winter(ish) Warmer


Who: Van Damme(Respect), Crash(FNG, AoM), Crossgrain, Dimon, Bootleg(Respect), Creepers, Grovetucky, Spikeball, Savannah(Respect), Aaah, Gimpy, Wildebeast, Kournikova(Respect), Francis.

AO: The Theater (Antrim Park 1400 Olentangy River Rd.)

When: 0700-0800

Weather: Crispy.


It was a balmy 22F as the PAX met at the shovel flag for some mumblechatter, as YHC indicated we needed bricks to help keep us warm. At 0700 the disclaimer was given and the PAX did a quick warm up to get the blood flowing.

SSH x 25 IC

F Sun Gods x 15 IC

B Sun Gods x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

As YHC was still cold, the PAX then took a 2 lap mosey around the tennis courts followed by  planking for the six until then had arrived both two hands, left plank and right plank made an appearance.

Then COP for:

Curlz x 15  IC with bricks

Overhead Press x 15 IC with bricks

It was confirmed that YHC still cannot count.

Dynamic Quad Stretch (Right hand, right ankle, push down to the ground with foot, release and stretch deeper


PAX then lined up on the sidewalk for the fun:


Lunges holding bricks x 12 (complete a lunge with each leg = 1) then set/drop brick, run back to sidewalk. Frankenstein Walk back to the bricks, pick them back up and Lunge back to the sidewalk.


PAX then completed 20 LBCs IC.


COP again for

Curlz with bricks x 15 IC

Overhead press with bricks x 15 IC


PAX seemed warmed up and YHC wanted a change of scenery, a mosey down to the dock for Circle Burp, Derkins until 6 arrived:

Circle Burp:

High Knee jog in place, member of PAX yells “down” for a burpee, continues till all PAX had yelled down.

YHC quickly regretted this exercise as the PAX set a glorious pace of burpees.

Almost warm enough.


10 Decline Merkins run out to the roundabout and back, 20 squats, repeat run, and plank till six arrives.


Then PAX counted off by twos, to run opposite directions around the lake in a Do-a-Diddy Indian Run, until they meet in the middle of the trail.

Once a group hit middle of trail they completed the following:

10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 25 LBCs. As group 1 had finished, they joined in with Group 2 as they ran through the exercises and then 10 Merkins again just for good measure.


PAX once again combined and continued around the Lake trail with Pacecar Savannah out front. Halfway through our way to the doc, PAX halted for:

20 Hillbillies, 20 Imperial Walkers.

PAX then continued run until reaching the dock, COP for Protracters.

As it was 7:57 YHC declared for the PAX an AYG back to the shovelflag.

For those arriving early at the flag, PAX then performed Backplanks, Planks, Side Planks until 6 arrived at 0800.

Concluded with Nameorama with FNG Crash being named and 14 of the PAX showing up in the cold, but dry morning.


BOM with continuing prayers for Bumper’s family in this difficult time, and thoughts out to extending a hand to our Veterans not just in thanks but in a meaningful and thoughtful interaction. YHC led out in prayer asking for strength to continue to grow as leaders and that our examples reflect onto others in a positive way. Thank for another opportunity to lead this group of HIMs and learn more ways to lead and learn through that process




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