11.24 Leftovers Back-Blast

here the rundown,

0528… wildebeest shows up as Crossgrain and bo are contemplating the morning… 0529… Sterling from F3 Charlotte, NC rolls in… we plant a flag and go to work!

mosey (WMH) has lots of routes to travel. We do a .75 mike mosey and circle up…

cop:  dips, sungods (fwd, big, small) (bkwd, big, small), SSHx40ic, Teach Stretch, Coperhead squatsx21ic, and merkinsx10ic.

mosey to truck for some big tires! Pair tire flips all the way across the parking lot… 25 irkins, 15 derkins. Farmers carries/partner lunges.

Tire fights… 2 rounds (return tires)

Mary: flutter kicks, pretzels L&R, Protractor 10 counts each guy callingx3rounds, 10/90 flutter kicks.

Mosey toward GVH pool; see shinny lines… stop… line up… suicides… for a bit… 2 sprints… mosey back!

name-o-Rama; ball-o-man

*ichigan sucks Saturday 11.25 at Antrim Park!

-Bo Schembechler


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