Back-Blast: MIND GAMES – 12.04.17

AO: Camp Willis (aka: Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: (12) Jumper, Ball Bearing, Rash, Tony Paco, Grovetucky, Ahhh, Teach, Mariah, Bootleg, Dimon, Mogul, Schembechler

Brief announcement that it’s my birthday and that we’ll do things a little different. PAX calls the cadence and YHC calls the count. Hence the Mind Games theme I’m not so good at keeping track of where we are and start over, skip numbers, start over again, etc.
SSH x (nobody knows) Grovetucky raised cadence volume to end it. Good try. No dice.
Imperial Walkers x (?)
Cotton Pickers x (?)
Teach Stretch
Peter Parkers x (?)

Mosey to steps…

My masterful plan for Mind Games chaos on the stadium steps was foiled by the ice, rats. For safety we quickly changed the script on the fly. 80yd Bear Crawl, Lunge back. Team up in groups of 3.

Each group of 3 would do relay sprints for approx. 50 YDS, take up plank while partner 2 ran back to partner 3, repeat. Nobody knew how long this would last. Approx 10+sprints ea. Move out to 100 YDS and continue approx 6 sprints ea.

Mogul’s idea previewed here. Surely we’ll see more at a later date… Indian run around the track where last 2 men fall out and do 4 burpees each then sprint to the front, repeat. We did 3 laps around the track.

COP: (again?)
Groundhog day deja vu… announcement that it’s my birthday and we’ll do things a little different… PAX is understanding the Mind Games now. They do cadence…
SSH x (?)
Merkins x (?)
Peter Parkers x (?)
8 Count Body Builders x (? – a lot)

Mosey back toward flag circle up for one last COP following the announcement again… pax does cadence on a chaotic count of flutterkicks x (?)

AYG to flag. Jumper blazed the way… Glad I got to Q for my 40th birthday. Appropriately feeling a little squeaky from a weekend GORUCK Tough, or maybe my new old age. Heck, they even sang to me. I was just glad things came together because at 5:30 there were only about 4 of us there until the others poured in during the mosey. Thanks for making it out guys.

YHC: Mariah

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