Back-Blast – 12.06.17: Band of Brothers

AO: The Theater (aka – Antrim Park)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Mogul, Wildebeast, Francis, Ball Bearing, Mariah, Schembechler, and Grovetucky

Chilly and cold


Side Straddle Hop x 30
mozy down to tunnel
side straddle hop x 20
cotton picker x 20
sun gods x20 forward
sun gods x 20 backwards
windmills x 10
The Thang
Mozy back to ball court
cinder block squat press ( 10 rapid presses 3 ways)
single block, curl to chest, squat, overhead press x 10
2 blocks:  single arm curls (In cadence)
one arm on block merkin, switch each rep in cadence x 10 each arm
shoulder merkins x10
place the block on shelf. Two ways x 10 each
Mozy around the tennis court

AB Circuit
partner leg throws (3 directions) 2 sets each x 10
side plank hip raise on forearm x 10
hollow rocks in cadence x 10
forearm plank leg raise x 10 each leg
2 blocks, 1 arm curls x 20 each arm
1 block tricep extension x 20
merkins with one arm on block switch arms each rep.  X 10
put block on shelf.  left then right. X 10
Mozy around parking lot
Side straddle hop in cadence x 110 (220 total)

Pax is getting stronger, great work today men.  My gut is busted right now.

YHC: Mogul

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