Back-Blast 12.16.17: 12 Pains of Christmas

AO: The Theatre (Antrim Park) 0700-0800

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mariah, Bullfrog, Gimpy, Guppy, Loco (FNG), Bo Schembechler, Dimon, Savannah,  Ice Man (F3 Louisville), Tony Packo, Wildebeast, VanDamme, Crossgrain, Spikeball, T. Cruise, Francis

Weather: 34 and breezy

YHC was excited to lead the PAX on a workout that was modeled after a workout I enjoyed in Charlotte over the Thanksgiving weekend. So excited, in fact, that the PAX had to delay me as I was ready to mosey at 0659. Once 0700 came, we moseyed down to the lower parking lot where a disclaimer was given and we welcomed Loco (FNG) and Ice Man (F3 Louisville).


SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 20 IC

Peter Parker’s x 15 IC

hamstring stretch x 20 seconds each leg

can-opener stretch x 20 each leg

Next a short mosey to the bottom of the hill for the THANG:

Start off with 1 rep of exercise #1, then run backwards up the hill x 2.

then 2 reps of exercise #2, 1 rep of exercise #1, then run backwards up hill x 2

then 3 reps of exercise #3, 2 reps of #2, 1 rep of #1, then run backwards up the hill x 2.

this format was continued all the way to exercise #12 with the exercises as below

1 mountain-climber burpee

2 eight-count burpees

3 hand release burpees

4 diamond merkins

5 180-degree burpees (go around 360 degrees or 2 burpees for a 1 count)

6 Carolina dry docks

7 World War One’s

8 High Plank shoulder taps (tap each shoulder for a 1 count)

9 jump squats

10 American Hammers

11 Monkey Humpers

12 shoulder tap Merkins (merkin, tap left shoulder, merkin, tap right shoulder equals 1 rep)

Mad props to T. Cruise for finishing first. The PAX worked together IC for the 12th pain.

We then moseyed to the flag for some Mary:

Ice Man led us with box-cutters x 10 IC

Freddy Mercury’s x 20 IC

Packo led us with flutter kicks x 20 IC

LBC’s x 50 on up count

Finally, while on our six, the PAX returned to their feet with a prisoner get-up

Then name-o-rama and BOM as we prayed for Ice Man’s dad recovering from heart valve replacement, Crossgrain’s son as he battles RSV, and T. Cruise’s brother who has a bone tumor in his arm.

Props to Francis for bringing Loco. Great work PAX!! Thanks for the privilege of leading a great group!!






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