12.27.17 Band of Brothers: The Bumble Backblast


AO: The Theater (Antrim Park)

When: 0530 – 0615

QIC: Francis

PAX: Bo Schembechler, Crossgrain, Mariah, Mogul, Teach, Savannah (RESPECT), Francis

Weather: Windchill -7 True Temp 6. Balmy.


7 PAX showed up to brave the subzero temperatures for some band work to answer the question, will they snap?

Mumblechatter ensued as the PAX adjusted to the cold dim morning at the theater, choosing their bands for the morning.

Mosey around the tennis courts for COP with bands

SSH: 30

Sun Gods F&B

Imperial Walkers  IC x 20

Curls IC x 20

Overhead press IC x 20

Mosey to the lake

Standing rows IC x 20

Chest Press IC x 20

Curls with bands wrapped IC x 20

Well, we found out bands don’t snap, they stretch! YHC was his height after this circuit.

Squats IC x 10

Mosey back up to the tennis court and plank for 6

Merkins IC x 10

Hillbillies IC x 22

LBCs IC x 20

Seated Rows IC x 20

YHC checked time and saw a solid 15 minutes left for fun.

PAX lined up on first line of tennis court, Walking Lunge for one court length and Bearcrawl the next court length till the end, run back and plank for 6.

Finished with a COP of Name Your Price Tool (PAX each chose an exercise to finish out)

It was cold, I didn’t want to wake up but 7 PAX called me out of my home. My brain may have frosted and forgot some details but I always look forward to the gloom for lessons in discipline and accountability. Opportunities to lead and be lead by this group of HIMS reflect help me to grow daily. I am continually thankful for the opportunities presented.

“Leading people is the most challenging and, therefore, the most gratifying undertaking of all human endeavors.” – Jocko Willink

YHC: Francis.

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