Back Blast: Expedition – 12.23.17

AO: Antrim Park (aka: The Theater)
When: 0700-0800
PAX: (17 HIMS)

Cold and rainy. No getting around it, you had to want to be there to come this day… Props to our visitors Tin-Tin and Mumbles from the south.

Instruction as people arrive… grab 1 block each (28lb cinder blocks). When the clock hit 0700 YHC said to leave blocks by the flag and we took an long loop mosey down the road and around the tennis courts to circle up top.

C.O.P. #1
On your 6 (yes it’s wet) – Glute stretch
Deep Lunge, inside elbow to ground twist hand/arm to sky ICx10 each side.

Grab blocks and lets mosey to lower lot.

C.O.P #2 (with block)
Plank on blocks for 6

Half Moons ICx10
Plank Reach Unders on the block ICx10 each arm
Staggered Merkin on block ICx10 each side (one arm stays on block each side)
8-Count Body Builders with Block Thruster over head ICx10 (many moans)

QIC asks Tony Paco for the time 0720, this is where QIC has a lapse in time judgement thinking we end at 0815 (this is not a weekday morning). So we repeat the 4 exercise circuit above one more time eating into our precious expedition time.


Nice of Crossgrain to leave the tires in the lower lot. We put down our blocks and line up behind each tire (approx. 300lbs ea.) and cycle through doing a single dead lift from the center of the tire if you can, otherwise give it your best tug to respect the weight we’ll be carrying as a team. Everyone has to do their part! We line up to practice our 4 man carries. Tony Paco preaches safety as one half of our wise fatherly rucking figure (Van Damme was there too). Eating time, lots of mumble chatter. Turning into a party, so we move-out in a somewhat disorderly fashion for GORUCK standards, but effective for a first movement as a group carrying significant weight with very little prep and remaining time. “LEAVE 3 BLOCKS BEHIND AND BRING THE REST”.

There were 2 rules. Blocks come with us (they can touch the ground during a rotation for who was carrying the tires), but the tires cannot touch the ground from the time we pick them up. We got to the second turn at the lake before YHC realized a trip around the lake would make us incredibly late. So, we turned around. The men rallied into a pattern and split up into a team of 8 and a team of 9, each with a tire and blocks. Not sure which was harder… carrying 2 blocks or shouldering a tire. We made our movement all the way back, up the hill to the upper lot and into Crossgrain’s truck without setting either tire on the ground once. I mapped this movement and to my surprise we covered more than a mile. Awesome work guys! Next time we start earlier (my fault there) and we make it around the lake. They were definitely capable.


Always humbled by how the guys persevere at something new. I’m not sure anyone thought we actually covered that much ground. We took 17 guys and moved 992lbs over a mile in less than 25 minutes. Impressive.



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