NEW YEAR. DAY 1: Back Blast 01.01.18

WHERE: Camp Willis (Aka – Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Crossgrain, Mariah, Wildebeest, Mogul
QIC: Mogul

A New Year. Day 1
4 members of the PAX showed up with smiles on their faces in the 1 degree weather. -7 with wind chill. We each explained our varying stages of hangover. Except for Crossgrain who does not drink (props).

YHC gave the disclaimer at 0530 and got rolling. Time to get the alcohol out of the system bitches.

Side straddle hop x 30
Mozy to track pull up area.
Side straddle hop x 30
Sun gods
Cotton pickers
Deep lunge warrior 1. Both sides

Pull ups. As many as you can get.
Dips. As many as you can get.
Chin ups. As many as you can get.
Jogging knee ups, butt kicks, side shuffle, karaoke.
80 percent run for 100 without stopping
Into TIMED MILE in the snow.

Shoulder bridge on bleachers until 6 arrived.
Side leg lifts (Jane Fonda’s) in cadence. X 15. Each leg
Side leg lift circles x 15 each leg
Hollow rocks x 15
50 yard gorilla crawl right
50 yard gorilla crawl left.
100 yard gorilla walk. Fingertips touching ground.

2 minutes sit-up test. One partner holds feet.
4 x 80 Yard Sprints. 20 seconds in between.
Plank sun god reach unders x 10 each side
Mozy to flag. Finished at 0616.

Ended with prayer for Wildebeest’s brother-in-law. Crossgrain led the ball up. Surprising and glad to hear that none of us had a New Year’s Resolution. That means we must be doing something right. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to work out with a great group. Thanks Again. Happy New Year!


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