1.2.2018 new year…new me??? Back-blast.

6 pax members (mogul, Schembechler, spotlight, crossgrain, teach, and Mariah. came out this morning despite what the thermometer said. 1* was not going to keep us in the fart sack.

We met in front of battele riverfront park and began our thang!

SSH IC x50
Sungods 20 second forward and backward
Long mosey down into the park where teach found us doing squats.

20 merkins
5 burpees

Another long mosey this time heading out toward the city.

Stopped under the bridge where The QIC had a heavy heart toward the homeless on this extremely cold day.

20 squats
Wall sits
And some Mary.

Started doing squats and saw what looked like Mariah ended up doing 100 while waiting for him to join.

Took a run to some stairs and ran those for a couple laps.

10 burpees and ayg to the flag as time was about to expire.

Had name a Rama and count a rama called up for our COT Crossgrain led us out in prayer.

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